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How to Pick a Quality Cowhide Rug

Quality Cowhide Rug

In the last five years or so the popularity of cowhide rugs has really been growing and not just for more rustic or western styled homes. You are probably seeing them pop up more and more in contemporary and modern spaces as well. There is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to cowhide.

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Decorating With Cowhide Is Versatile Than You Think

Decorating With Cowhide

When you think of cowhide rugs or furniture, do you picture the standard black and white spotted pattern that you see mostly in western or southwestern-themed rooms? If so, then you really don’t know your cows. Just like with humans, no cow is exactly alike. They actually come in all different colors and patterns, so when choosing to decorate with cowhide, you actually have a lot of versatility. No matter what aesthetic you prefer in your home, contemporary, traditional or southern charm, cowhide rugs and furniture can bring a nice accent to your home. There are many fun ways to play with color and texture with cowhide. Check out some of the cowhide styles available to you.

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6 Ways To Accentuate Modern Décor With Cowhide

Modern Decor With Cowhide

While greys, blacks and whites are the typical color palette in more modern décor, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for cowhide in your home. Cowhide in recent years has become popular in more than just the cowboy, rancher circles. Cowhide can work with brightly colored rooms and wallpapered rooms softening the room and making it more inviting. And if you prefer a more neutral palette, the unique combinations of black and browns you find in cowhide can bring a note of elegance. Even rooms dressed in modern combinations of grey, black and brown can be enhanced with a touch of cowhide.

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6 Top Western Style Living Room Furniture Pieces

western style living room

You don’t have to be a cowboy or cowgirl to love everything western. Western style décor has grown in popularity far from the ranch over the years and you can even find its influence even in the high rises of the big city.

There are many different ways to add the western touch to your living room from color choice to floor coverings, but the choices that have the biggest impact are the western style furniture pieces.

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Incorporating Animal Print into Your Home

animal print in home

Are you looking to redecorate your home, but not sure what vibe you want to go for? Most people have a love or hate relationship with animal print, but it does have a unique look that can add some style to any space.

Luckily besides natural animal print, there are faux animal prints that can have the same effect without all the ethical concerns. There also no ethical concerns if you go with authentic cowhide print either because the industry only uses the hide left over by the meat packing industry. The cows are never killed specifically for their hides.

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3 Ways Cowhide Furniture Can Complement Any Room

cowhide furniture

For some people cowhide prints are an acquired taste, but they are missing out on a very versatile design element for any part of their home. Cowhide complements a modern décor just as much as a country western. The variety in colors and patterns makes it a favorite of interior decorators.

In particular, cowhide furniture can really add some sparkle to a space. 

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6 Unique Ways to Add Cowhide to Your Home

Add Cowhide To Your Home

Do you love horses and are not afraid of admitting to watching the Urban Cowboy with John Travolta a thousand times? Are you a little bit country, but don’t want to commit to being a full-time cowboy or cowgirl? There are plenty of ways to add a touch of cowboy chic to your life without living on a ranch and driving cattle. Cowhide is a quintessential western look, but it doesn’t have to always be used in traditional ways. Here are 6 unique ways to be a little bit cowboy chic.

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