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When most people think of cowhide, their minds automatically go to cowhide rugs, but there is a lot more you can do with cowhide than just rugs. You can show your ‘little bit country” with cowhide in a lot of creative ways. Besides rugs, there are chairs, sofas, even placemats and lamp shades. When you combine these furniture items with the cowhide rugs, you will give your home a unique look that is all your own.

A cowhide chair would look great in the corner of your bedroom for curling up and reading at night or in the living room by the fireplace with its soft supple cowhide. Even in a more traditional or modern space, a cowhide chair can add a note of luxury to the room. The great thing about cowhide patterns is that they come in so many unique patterns and colors that you are bound to find something that blends in well no matter the other colors or patterns in the room. Remember that not everything has to match and you can mix cowhide with just about everything.

Cowhide chairs come in tricolor, brindle, a mix of colors and brown, and each hide has a unique pattern so no chair is exactly the same. Chair sizes come in 2.7 width, 2.5 height, 2.7 depth.

A tricolor cowhide sofa is also a great addition to your home as well. If you want to be more subtle with how you incorporate some cowhide, then instead of a big chair or couch, add cowhide lamps instead. You don’t always need a whole lot of cowhide to make a statement. And if you want to bring some cowhide into your kitchen then cowhide placemats are the way to go. Each placemat is uniquely crafted using high quality cowhide. The dimensions are 18 inches wide x 11 inches tall.

Cowhide furniture is as easy to take care of as cowhide rugs. Just clean with hand soap or bar soap and apply with dry cloth.

At Cowhide Outlet, we only use Brazilian cowhide for our rugs and furniture because they are more versatile than other hides and are produced with more care. You know you are getting quality when choose Brazilian cowhide. That is why we can confidently offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You won’t find a better selection of 100% authentic Brazilian cowhide furniture anywhere else. Here are some of the cowhide furniture Cowhide Outlet offers:

  • Cowhide Chair
  • Cowhide Sofa Tricolor Western Living
  • Cowhide Placemats Set
  • Cowhide Placemat
  • Cowhide Western Rustic Lamp Shade Leather
  • Cowhide Western Rustic Zebra Lamp Shade Leather
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