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When you are decorating your home whether you just moved in or you are just freshening things up a bit, you want your choices in colors, patterns and furniture to speak to who you are. Because calf hide rugs are so unique, they are a great way to bring a little bit of you into the space. And you don’t have to a cowboy or cowgirl or love all things southwestern to appreciate the beauty of a calf hide rug.

Calf hide rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns and fit every style. Cowhide rugs connote luxury and sophistication and work well even in modern, sleek spaces. The soft hairs and supple skin will make you feel like your feet are sinking into a soft cloud so why not pamper yourself?

With custom calf-hide treatments like animal-print stencils, acid washes and natural or bright dyes, we can custom design your perfect rug whether you are looking for a more traditional speckled calf hide rug or dyed pink zebra calf hide rug. Calf hide rugs work great not only as area rugs, but also as wall hangings, drapes, throw blankets and upholstery.

You won’t find a better selection of 100% authentic Brazilian calf hide and calf hide rugs anywhere else. At Cowhide Outlet, we take pride in offering you only high quality calf hide items.

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