Decorating With Cowhide

When you think of cowhide rugs or furniture, do you picture the standard black and white spotted pattern that you see mostly in western or southwestern-themed rooms? If so, then you really don't know your cows. Just like with humans, no cow is exactly alike. They actually come in all different colors and patterns, so when choosing to decorate with cowhide, you actually have a lot of versatility. No matter what aesthetic you prefer in your home, contemporary, traditional or southern charm, cowhide rugs and furniture can bring a nice accent to your home. There are many fun ways to play with color and texture with cowhide. Check out some of the cowhide styles available to you.

Have fun with Tricolor

A tricolor cowhide rug can add texture and color to any room in your house. This type of hide is made up of brown, black and white, and because each cow is unique, the pattern for each cowhide will be slightly different. Even if your style is more modern or traditional, a tricolor cowhide rug can add a little bit of fun into the room. Cowhide rugs can be used as a carpet, a throw rug or even wall decoration. You can even combine with other animal skins or fur rugs for a more luxurious feeling. Cold winter nights won't feel so drafty with these extra layers of warmth. Get creative and have fun with it.

Be classy with Black & White

A black & white cowhide can be a great addition to a more modern-styled room decorated in monochrome. Even if you are city guy or gal who loves decorating in simple lines and black and white colors, adding a little touch of western can bring some elegance to the room. Black & white cowhide rugs or furniture, can bring some texture and warmth that is often lost with the modern aesthetic. A loft apartment filled with metal and glass can easily be softened with a touch of cowhide whether on the floor or in the furniture. The richness of the cowhide will draw your guests' eyes in, making an interesting focal point for the room.

Be charming with speckles

If you would describe your sense of style as more eclectic, a speckled cowhide rug or set of chairs could be a charming addition to any room. Speckled cowhides, also known as salt and pepper colored hides, have a unique spotted pattern of either brown and white, black and white, or brown, black and white. This cowhide can even work with patterned wallpaper or furniture. The days where everything has to be matching are luckily behind us. Go ahead and go bold. The great thing about cowhide, however, is its versatility. Even if you prefer a simpler color scheme, a little bit of cowhide can accent any room nicely. Remember also that a big statement isn't always better. For instance, a pair of cowhide lamps could bring a spot of warmth and rustic charm.

Accent with the color brown

While a whole room dressed in browns may seem a little drab, that doesn't mean that brown shouldn't be a part of your decorating palette. There are so many rich shades of brown to choose from, everything from a rick dark chocolate to a dusty light brown. Don't underestimate the power of a simple brown cowhide rug. If you are decorating a room in a combination of browns, blacks and greys, then is rug can really complement the other accents in the room. Brown is a neutral color and can really go with anything. Also, adding a brown cowhide rug to a room that only contains a few pieces of furniture can make the space more warm and inviting.

Go wild with Brindle

A Brindle cowhide is basically a tawny color with streaks of other colors. It can give an exotic look to any space. Remember to not be afraid of adding more patterns to a room that already has patterned wallpaper or printed furniture. As long as it is in similar tones and not too busy looking, the combination of brindle cowhide with other prints and patterns can spice up the space. If you enjoy all animal prints, then you can have fun mixing cowhide with other animal skins or patterns. Take it to the walls and the furniture too. Go ahead and get wild.

Get funky with cowhide

If you are looking for more variety in your cowhide rugs, you can also buy cowhide rugs that have either have been acid washed or dyed or stenciled. Some examples are Acid Wash Silver and Acid Wash Gold and dyed calf skin in colors like blue or pink. With these you still get the touch of country you were looking for, but now it will blend in better with your décor. If you have a room dressed in pinks or blues, you can get a cowhide rug dyed to match. You can even get animal prints stenciled on cowhide.

There are so many ways you can enhance a room with cowhide. You don't have to be married to a western or country-styled aesthetic to have fun with it. Let your imagination run wild and be open to the many possibilities. You don't have to live on a ranch or in a mountain lodge or be a cowboy to enjoy the look of cowhide.

Also keep in mind that there are many benefits to choosing real cowhide. Authentic cowhide all have one of a kind patterns that can't be duplicated. Each one is unique and special. There are also no chemicals used on real cowhide so you don't have to worry about your health or your pet's. Cowhide rugs will last you a very long time and can handle the wear and tear from kids and pets with no problem. Cleaning is a breeze too. Simply wipe off spills or any dirt with a damp cloth or steamer. Cowhide rugs or furniture are something special you can pass down in your family, making it a special part of your family's story.