Add Cowhide To Your Home

Do you love horses and are not afraid of admitting to watching the Urban Cowboy with John Travolta a thousand times? Are you a little bit country, but don’t want to commit to being a full-time cowboy or cowgirl? There are plenty of ways to add a touch of cowboy chic to your life without living on a ranch and driving cattle. Cowhide is a quintessential western look, but it doesn’t have to always be used in traditional ways. Here are 6 unique ways to be a little bit cowboy chic.

Cowhide gun cases

If you are a gun owner or collector, what better way to protect your guns and subtly show your appreciation for the western way of life than with a cowhide gun case? These cases are both fun and practical. And because each cowhide is unique, no one else will have the exact same gun cases as you. Another plus is that cowhide is very durable. With these cases, you can feel confident that they will last you a long time, no matter what conditions they are put under. Country living can be hard living sometimes so strength and durability are important. Stand out from the crowd with your own interpretation of cowboy chic with these cowhide gun cases.

Cowhide pillows

While cowhide rugs are probably the most popular way to use cowhide in home decorating, there are so many other ways cowhide can accent your living space. Instead of a rug, choose a subtler touch like cowhide pillows. They can go with any style couch or chair and can even work nice as throw pillows for your bed. Remember that a bigger, bolder statement isn’t always better. Cowhide pillows can add some pop to neutral-colored couches and chairs and because they are easy to move around, you can constantly switch things up by placing them in different spots in the house. Another plus is that the softness of these pillows will also be great for cuddling up with the family for movie nights.

Cowhide sofa

Purchasing a cowhide sofa is certainly a bigger commitment than pillows, but don’t be afraid of it. Experimenting with different colors, textures and patterns can be fun. A cowhide sofa can be a nice contrast piece for any style room, not just a western style room. If you tend to be more eclectic in your taste, then you know that combining different styles can actually create something new and wonderful. Cowhide sofa can easily complement both contemporary and traditional living rooms and family rooms. Think outside the box. These sofas are also easy to care for and can withstand the normal rough and tumble of a busy household. To clean cowhide, simply wipe with a clean damp cloth or use a steamer.

Cowhide placemats

I am sure that we can all agree that the kitchen is the heart of any home. This is where you cook your meals and eat together, sharing your day in the process. When you have either hosted or attended parties, have you ever noticed how most guests like to congregate in the kitchen? While you are all hanging out, give yourselves an extra treat with new placemats. Whether you have a country-styled kitchen with gleaming wood cabinets and floors or a more modern one with granite counters and tile floors, your family and friends will love eating off cowhide placemats. It is a simple, easy way to add a touch of country to your home without going all buck wild with western-themed decorations.

Cowhide lamp shades

Read any design magazine and you will see how designers emphasize the importance of lighting. Whether you use ceiling lights, table lamps or standing lamps, proper illumination in a room not only allows you to function better in the room, whether you are reading or playing games, it also sets the tone and mood of the space. By including cowhide lamp shades into your decorating scheme, you can bring in some of the richness and warmth of country living without having to completely transform the whole room. It can bring a little whimsy into a simple, more practical design and be a great conversation-starter when you have guests over for a visit.

Cowhide bathroom rug

When designed correctly, a bathroom can be both luxurious and practical. With the right amenities, it can be your little oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house and even the rest of the world. Did someone say bubble bath? Even here in this space, you can enjoy a little bit of the country living with a cowhide bathroom rug. You can go completely country with terra cotta floors and gleaming wood everywhere or you can simply let the rug bring in the warmth to the bathroom. Stepping out of the shower onto the softness of a cowhide rug will certainly make your morning routine more bearable.

Overall, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to be a certified cowboy to enjoy country living. Don’t worry about the boots or spurs or the Stetson hat, you can be cowboy chic with just some small touches. It is best to pick the ones that speak to your personality. You want your home and accessories to reflect who you are and to tell your story. Go ahead and mix and match what you love. Who says the cowboy look can’t complement an urban high-rise apartment building or that a cowhide rug can’t add some warmth to your beach house? Add cowhide to a more traditional wooden bench in your foyer or place a cowhide rug underneath the glass table in your contemporary living room Never be afraid of expressing yourself in all of your forms. The cowhide look will never pigeonhole you to one design or aesthetic. With the versatility in colors and patterns and the ways it can be used, cowhide has so much potential as a decorating material. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to show your true colors.