Are you thinking about turning your bedroom in to a western-themed retreat?

There are lots of different ways you can incorporate this style into your bedroom. If you are having trouble nailing down the right furniture and finding the right accents, here are seven ideas that can make it easier to get your Western-themed bedroom.

western themed bedroom

1. Choose light to medium woods

While dark wood is not entirely excluded from the cowboy aesthetic, it is much more likely that you will find light woods in rooms with this type of décor. As you are looking for furniture for your bedroom, look for furniture that has light to medium wood. Of course, the styling of the item is going to be just as important as the color of the wood, but even a simple wood frame bed can be dressed up to match the Western theme. It will be much more difficult to make a black metal frame bed, for example, fit your style, than something like a light-colored wooden frame bed. While you do not want all of the wood in your room to match exactly, they should be in the same general color family.

2. Choose leather and cowhide

Leather and cowhide are two materials that are really going to help you achieve your desired aesthetic. Cowhide, especially will be a great addition to your room. Cowhide pillows on your bed can make what would otherwise be a fairly generic piece of furniture in your bedroom, become fully Western. Leather pillows can be just as effective, but likely will not be as comfortable when you actually want to use them. Adding a few cowhide pillows not just to your bed, but to sitting chairs can also help to carry the theme throughout the room.

3. Add a cowhide rug

Cowhide rugs are a great way to further incorporate the Western theme into your bedroom. Throwing one at the end of the bed or next to a reading chair will not only make the room feel like a friendlier place, it will also warm it up and make it feel like it is straight out of a cowboy movie. When choosing a cowhide rug, you want to make sure that you are only buying from a retailer that sells high-quality cowhide rugs, that are responsibly made and sourced. If you purchase a low quality rug, it is going to start to deteriorate after only a couple of years of use. The higher the quality of the rug, the longer it will last.

4. Add a sitting chair

Not only will a sitting chair give you a place to sit and get ready for the day, or a place to read or watch television in your bedroom, it will also provide you with another opportunity to pull the aesthetic of your room together. A large, stately leather chair could be the perfect choice, especially when accented with cowhide pillows. You could, on the other hand, look for a chair that is upholstered with a traditional Native American fabric. This would still work with your traditional western theme, and it would add a pop of color and style to what might otherwise be a rather brown and boring room. Look for something that has personality, but it is not so loud that it overtakes the bed.

5. Try some antlers

Nothing can help bring a Western room together faster than a pair of antlers, hung above or across from the bed. This is a great opportunity to add something unique to your room. In an old Western home, these antlers might have been the prize from a deer or elk that the homeowner had shot, but today you can probably find a pair of antlers, even synthetic antlers, for sale, if you prefer not to go out and hunt your own prize. There are a number of different ways you can incorporate antlers into your room. If you have high ceilings, an antler chandelier might be a great touch for your room. Above the bed, they can help make that bed the focal point of the room. Whether you choose a large or small set, put them on the wall above your bed or above your sitting chair, you can never go wrong with antlers.

6. Add a warm blanket to your bed

No matter what type of bed you have ultimately chosen, do not neglect covering it with a warm, heavy, woven blanket. If you can find one in a traditional Native American weave and design, that will be even better. These types of accents will really help to pull your room together, and they will be as functional as they are beautiful. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns. As long as they are all in the same general family, they will work together beautifully. Plus, mixed patterns are a staple of Western style!

7. Don’t forget a pop of color

Whether it comes in the form of a bright sitting chair or a throw blanket on the bed, do not forget to mix some reds and oranges into the room. These are the colors of the desert, and they are commonly found in rooms that are trying to achieve that Western style. While most Western rooms will often trend towards more neutral colors, adding a few pops of color will ensure that your bedroom does not become a boring collection of brown items. Even cowhide rugs or cowhide pillows could help to add pops of color to the space.