Perfect Bachelor Pad

Whether you getting your first place on your own or just looking to redecorate your home or apartment, you will want your space to reflect your lifestyle. If you are a single male, then you want digs that are cool not only for your friends to hang out in, but also sophisticated enough to impress a date. Bachelor pads today are so much more than leather everywhere, gigantic television screens and the prerequisite bar in the corner. Your space should not be just another cookie cutter version of the stereotypical bachelor pad. Don’t be afraid to put your own personal stamp on your bachelor pad.

Here are 11 tips for creating the perfect bachelor pad:

Tell a story with art and books

It is usually the small details in a room that give visitors a window into the owner’s soul. If you are an avid art collector or love books, proudly display them all around your apartment or home. Think wall-length bookshelves filled with all your favorite books. Your guests will love discussing with you favorite authors and what elements make a great story. If you prefer art to books, then cover your walls with all your favorite pieces. Think about what a great conversation starter it will be to share the story of how you got each piece and what it means to you.

Splurge on a luxurious bath

Most single guys are not known for caring too much about domestic details. Think tattered sofa from the fraternity house and grungy bathrooms and dirty and clean clothes strewn around the room. Show the world you are a sophisticated man with discernable tastes by paying extra attention to your bathroom. An antique claw-foot tub or a Spanish-styled tile shower stall with rich colors and textures on the walls and floors will certainly put you a step above the rest. Your lady friends will love having such a stylish place to powder their noses in.

Who doesn’t love a good theme?

If you are a cowboy at heart or love the 1920’s or 1940’s, then take your time to fill up your home with vintage furniture and decorations. It is also a good idea to get a designer to work with you on your project. They can help you from everything from paint color to flooring and help you get that vintage feel you are looking for. Don’t rush through it. Take the time and effort to set the right tone in each room.

Don’t sacrifice comfort for style

While you, of course, want your bachelor pad, to be stylish, you don’t want to sacrifice comfort in the process. If your home starts to feel more like a museum than a home, then that may be a sign that you went a little too far in your quest for fabulosity. The whole point of the ultimate bachelor pad is that it is the perfect place to entertain and hang out in. If your guests don’t feel comfortable, they are not going to want to hang around. Comfortable seating is a must as well as not too much clutter.

Set up a guest bedroom

If your apartment or home has the space, set up your extra bedroom as a guest bedroom for the occasional overnight guest. Being prepared should be your motto even if you weren’t a boy scout. Make it inviting with soothing colors and soft, clean bedding. If you don’t have an extra bedroom then splurge on a comfortable pullout couch that can easily be transformed when needed.

Invest in matching dinnerware and glassware

Nothing says that you are a pulled together man about town better than matching plates and glasses. You want to show any romantic interests that you do have a domestic bone in your body and you know your way around the kitchen. And you don’t have to splurge on the expensive china to do this either. As long as it matches and is in good condition you will be in good shape. Next, impress with your culinary skills too.

Show your nurturer side with plants

Having potted plants and fresh flowers in your home serves many purposes. It adds a pop of color and texture to the space and puts a unique stamp on the room. But it also shows that you know how to properly care for another living thing besides yourself. Plants are really low maintenance, but if you have never had a green thumb in your life you can also try to faux plants that look real too.

Don’t forget to add the pillows and accessories

Men tend to be more minimalistic than women when it comes to decorating, but it is the accessories and little touches that really make a space feel like home. Like the art and books, throw pillows and other accessories tell a story and add depth to your space.

Don’t be a cliché

Avoid making your bachelor pad look like every other guy’s apartment. Stay away from too much leather, mattresses on the floor and the typical color combinations of red, black and white or black, white and blue.

Fluorescent is not proper mood lighting

Overhead lighting can be harsh and glaring. While it might be cheaper to just keep those institutional lights that came with your place, it is better to invest in an assortment of table lamps, floor lamps and other types of lighting. The proper lighting can really make a difference in the mood and atmosphere you set.

You never go wrong with cowhide

Cowhide has been growing in popularity in the last few years and there are a lot of different ways you can use it in your bachelor pad. From the plush cowhide rug by the fireplace to the cowhide couch in the den, this natural hide is not just for ranches and lodges. You can soften your modern décor with a cowhide rug and add some whimsy in the kitchen with cowhide placemats. Cowhide rugs can also do double duty as wall coverings and as throw rugs.

You don’t need to have a million dollars burning a hole in your pocket to create the perfect bachelor pad. Just follow a few of these tips and let your creativity come through and you will create the perfect space for you.