Grey Brown Interior Design

Choosing a color scheme for a room in your home can be a daunting process. Bright color may be appealing, but there is always a concern that it will overpower the other elements in the room. If bright colors scream too loudly then the room might become less inviting to hang out in. On the flip side though, too neutral colors while seemingly a safer bet, can make the room appear lackluster and dingy. Don't despair though, both bright colors and a neutral palette can be winners when used correctly. Even gray, black and brown can be a stunning combination when you have the right touch. Here are some fashion-forward ways to transform the gray, black and brown combo into an interior design homerun.

Did you know that a gray living room is a popular trend in modern interior design? When you use the right shades of grey in combinations with other colors, it can bring a real elegance to any room. Shades of gray include anthracite gray, silver gray, slate gray, moss gray, pigeon gray, mouse gray. Darker grays can be just as elegant as a rich red color. Whites, blacks and browns are the perfect complement to gray, but it also works well with pops of color like pink and yellow, depending on what you are trying to achieve in the space.

It might surprise you to know that besides the walls, curtains, furniture and carpet, you can even get gray wood floors as well. It goes best with a room filled with glass and shining chrome, stainless steel and other more modern accessories. If you are thinking of gray for your bedroom, the color combo of gray and white can be very soothing and peaceful which is perfect for a good night's sleep. The color and design of your room can make it a lot easier to leave all your worries outside the bedroom door.

Choosing the right shade of gray for your space can be challenging, so if you are unsure of what to choose, it might be wise to consult a professional designer. If you have a small space, choose light gray shades and complement them with cream, cappuccino or other soft colors.

Remember that there are a lot of different ways to use color in a room. You can paint the walls a soft gray and then buy white furniture and add in a soft orange chair with orange throw pillows for the white couch to give a pop of color. The only big thing to avoid is to not pair gray with just more gray. You need some contrast. It is important to bring more color and texture into the mix. If you want a gray couch, then go cream for the walls. Accessories like painting and mirrors can be bring in gold and silver accents as well as more color combos. Even plants and flowers can add some flavor to the room.

Consider also how the marriage of shades of gray, white, black and brown brings a sense of sophistication to a formal living room. Neutral doesn't have to be boring when layered correctly. Play with the colors and have fun mixing and matching. There is no one correct formula. See what color combos work best for your space.

Gray dances well with black and brown

With browns especially, you have a lot of variations to choose from to pair up with the gray and black in the room. Brown can be light and soft like with a soft tan or tawny color or it can be warm and rich like a taupe or red brown. If you want a bolder look, then choose a dark chocolate brown or an espresso.

How you mix in black is also crucial for the overall mood and atmosphere of the room. Black walls can be great if you are going for a real dramatic look, but if you want the room to be more soothing and peaceful then you might want to save black for tables and furniture or small accents in the room. Think beyond the leather black sofa and consider a black armoire or bookcase instead.

Don't forget that whites come in different variations as well. Creams and beige are softer versions of white and pair well with a soft brown or gray or even black.

Warm up neutrals with color

If you are still afraid that a room full of just neutral colors will be too plain, then consider adding a pop of color. Any color will work in short bursts, but if you want to warm up a room, you might go for accents in red, orange or yellow. If you prefer a cool, crisp look, then the cool tones of blue and green can really have an impact. With a neutral backdrop, there is a lot you can do with the space.

Play around with texture

Just because you are sticking with neutral colors doesn't mean you can't still have some fun. Consider playing around with texture by adding animal skins and furs to the room. Cowhide rugs are very soft and can add warmth and richness to any room. And the great thing is that they come in different colors and patterns. From tricolor cowhides to brindle cowhides, you won't have any problem finding something to complement your room. A soft black and white cowhide rug can give a luxurious feel to an otherwise stark room while a tawny brindle cowhide can offer some fun contrast to gray walls and black furniture. If you want something a little on the funky side, you can include acid wash or dyed cowhide rugs.

Whatever your preference, just don't be afraid of going gray when you are remodeling or decorating a room. Neutral colors can be just as powerful as reds, yellows and blues when combined with the right accents. Unfortunately, there is no secret formula so if you are a little unsure of picking the color palette on your own, seek out a professional designer to help. When the room transformation is all done, your family and friends will love its wow factor.