Hottest Trends Home 2017

What’s hot and what is not in home décor is a constantly fluctuating process and 2017 is no different. There are some surprising trends that will be popping up this year so if you are looking to redecorate your home or even moving into a new one, here are some of the hottest trends you should know about.

Refresh your home with the color green

The color green connotes fresh beginnings and revitalization and you will see it in a lot of homes this year. From the walls to the furniture, designers will be playing with different shades and green. You will also see more greenery aka plants and fresh flowers sprinkled throughout the home as well. Who couldn’t use a little rejuvenation, right?

Add a touch of whimsy with butterflies

Butterflies are not just for children’s rooms anymore. You will see the colorful creatures adorning the walls and accessories of living rooms, dens, kitchens and dining rooms as well.

Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns

Sometimes we avoid patterns because we are afraid they will be too loud or hard to match with the rest of the room, but the newest trends are embracing mixed patterns. Who says you can’t have a colorful patchwork comforter as well as flowers on the walls of your bedroom? As long as there is some shared element connecting them all together, don’t be afraid to go bold and remember that not everything has to match.

Faux finishes can be fun

Faux finishes are coming back big in 2017. People are attracted to it because it gives you the desired look, but at a more budget-friendly price. Sometimes the faux version even holds up better than the natural one. You will find everything from faux woodwork to faux leather and even faux foliage.

Navy as the new anchor color

Usually black, white and brown are the typical anchor colors in a room, but in 2017 you will see more designers choosing navy blue. It goes with any color scheme and doesn’t make the room feel small like black sometimes does.

Textured white as the new neutral

Plain white can sometimes seem flat and boring. That is why you will see more of a chalk white or bone white that has texture in it, especially for handcrafted goods.

Textured fabrics are in too

You are going to see a lot more material manipulation in the fabric like pleating and folding for furniture and for draperies. Think velvet couch. You will also see more huge stitching. More and more homeowners will be looking to add more touches of luxury to their homes.

Quality Craftsmanship over DIY

For long time everything was about do-it-yourself projects. Quick and easy projects that are affordable and that you don’t need to be an expert craftsman for will now make way for quality craftsmanship. You will see more of glass blowing and woodwork.

Bring romance back to the bedroom with bold reds and rich caramels

Instead of soft, soothing colors in the boudoir, try going bold instead. Red and Caramel browns have such a rich luxury to them that you will feel like you are at a swanky hotel instead of in your own bedroom.

Bringing back the bar to the kitchen

In 2016, the biggest trend for entertaining was a bar cart which made it easy to offer adult beverages to your guests. In 2016, you will see more bars being built into the kitchen itself allowing for more shelving for cocktail fixings, drinks and glasses.

Another kitchen trend is pops of color

Designers are always looking for fun ways to bring pops of color into the kitchen. In 2017, you will see more colorful kitchen islands and colored appliances. They will bring a nice contrast to the rest of the room and really open up the space.

Beige is back in town

New shades of beige are breathing new life into this neutral color. When you see rooms dressed in it, you will no longer see beige as boring.

Add jeweled tone pieces and velvet fabrics for extra pizazz

Accessories. Accessories. Accessories. Sometimes we spend so much time focused on the big elements of the room…the walls..the furniture…the flooring..that we forget how the little details can really bring something extra special to a space.

One of a kind vanities are in

Homeowners are even looking to put their personal stamp on their bathrooms with one of a kind vanities. Instead of pre-manufactured designs, they are choosing chests of drawers and vintage cabinets to create a vanity. Mixing pieces together brings extra texture and depth to the space.

Expand your living space with outbuildings

Maximizing the space you have is going to be really important in 2017. More people are going to be looking to use outbuildings and garages on their property for extra rooms for entertaining or an office. Instead of buying a bigger house which comes with a heftier price tag, homeowners will be looking to instead do renovations which will expand their living space. If you are looking to escape the kids, why not set up a “she shed” in the backyard?

A touch of cowhide makes everything okay

The popularity of cowhide has really been growing in the last few years and you are probably seeing it pop up as much in contemporary, modern homes as you do it more country styled spaces. Designers are now using cowhide to add a bit of luxury to any space. A cowhide rug can soften a room filled with metal and glass and can add a little whimsy to a black and white kitchen. Besides cowhide rugs, you can also get cowhide furniture and kitchen placemats and even bathroom rugs. There is no room in the house that couldn’t use a little touch of cowhide, An extra plus is that it is very durable and easy to maintain so it can last for a long time.

All in all 2017 is shaping up to be a year of transforming home trends. Bright colors, rich details and creative solutions will all bring some interesting dimensions into our homes.