Are Cowhide Rugs Hypoallergenic?

Sensitive skin and allergic reactions are no joke and if you or a family member suffer from allergies than keeping your home hypoallergenic is of the upmost importance. Cowhide rugs are a great option when shopping for a hypoallergenic rug because they are one hundred percent hypoallergenic.

All Natural Hide

When a rug is made of synthetic fibers, those fibers can go airborne irritating the skin and lungs of people with allergies. Rugs made of natural cow skin don’t have this problem. Not only are there few allergens in the cowhide itself, but these rugs do not collect a lot of pollen and dust. Instead of a massive cleaning ordeal come allergy season which normally happens with other rugs and wall to wall carpet, with a cowhide rug, you just need to shake it outside for a few minutes and Viola! All Clean. You can also simply just vacuum the rug as well.

They are also very durable and can withstand the wear and tear from a busy household and don’t stain as heavily as other rugs do. Think about all the headaches a cowhide rug will save you.

While being made from a natural animal hide means the rug is better for your health, it’s understandable if you worry about the morality of killing an animal just so you can have a hypoallergenic rug. The cowhide rug industry understands this. That is why cowhide rugs are made from the leftover skin from meat processing plants. These skins would be thrown out and discarded otherwise.

A Very Versatile Design Element

If you have never had a cowhide rug, you will be surprised at how versatile it really is. It doesn’t just fit into a country style or southwester style room. A soft, supple black and white or all white cowhide rug could also bring some much needed softness to the harder edges of a modern designed room filled with glass and steel. Or if you have a romantic-themed master bedroom with cherry wood and flowered wallpaper, wouldn’t it feel luxurious to sink your feet into a soft cowhide rug?

Another great thing about cowhide is that it comes in a variety of patterns and colors including black and white, brown, all-white, brindle and speckled. Natural cow hide rugs can also be dyed different colors like pink or metallic silver. Also no two cows are alike, even twins, so no one else will ever have the exact same rug as you. This means there are no shortage of ways you can decorate with cowhide rugs. Yes, even in the nursery.

Cowhide rugs also look great as wall hangings and as throw blankets. They can add color, warmth and texture to any room. Think of one draped over the leather couch in the family room or on the wall in your formal living. Cowhide rugs add a touch of luxury wherever you place them and they make a great family heirloom because they last for so long. Think how great it would be to pass down the rug to your kids?