Reinventing Living Room

If you are like most people, you probably spend most of your waking time at home in your living room. Whether this is where your television is or it is simply your favorite place to hang out with friends or curl up and read, your living room should be your sanctuary. If you have not changed the style of your living room for a while, it might be time to start thinking about reinventing your living room. Here are nine tips that will make it easy to change things up in this room, without having to expend a lot of time or money to do it:

1. Buy a new couch.

The couch is probably the largest pieces of furniture in your living room, which makes it one of the focal points of the room. By switching out this piece of furniture, you can easily change how the entire room looks. For a truly unique take on your living room, why not try our cowhide couch? You’ll find no better way to infuse your living room with a little southwestern style, and all it takes is swapping one piece of furniture for another.

2. Paint the walls.

Paint is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways to reinvent your living room, and if you have a free weekend, you can do it yourself with probably one can of paint. The only roadblock you need to worry about is finding the right color. Keep your flooring and furniture in mind when picking a color. Even going from stark white walls to something still neutral, like beige, can warm up a space. For a bolder change, choose something dark to stand out against your light molding and light floors!

3. Put up wallpaper.

Nothing gives a room character faster than wallpaper. You can give a space brightness and visual interest quickly by getting a few rolls and putting it up on your walls. If you’re not confident in your skills, try the removable kind that allows you to unpeel and stick it back on as many times as you need. Alternatively, hire someone to put it up for you. Wallpaper is back and you can easily use it to totally change how your room looks.

4. Pick one piece and showcase it.

Stand back and look at your living room. Is it overcrowded with furniture and knickknacks? It might be time to pick just one piece—your favorite piece in the room—and show it some love, getting rid of anything extraneous. Downsize your furniture, move them into other rooms, and give your favorite place the rule of the roost. If you don’t have a favorite piece of furniture, it might be time to get one or to slipcover or reupholster one that you already have.

5. Hang some art.

This is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to fill out a room. You can have a rug on the floor, beautiful furniture, and some sentimental knickknacks for your side tables and your room will still look bare if you do not have anything hanging on the wall. No matter your style, you should be able to find some art that matches the room and its atmosphere. Try to stay away from something generic (like paintings of boats on the ocean) or sad (like movie posters, even if they’re framed).

6. Replace your mantle.

If you have a fireplace, whether it is functional or not, changing its appearance can go a long way when you are reinventing your living room. Tile over old, scorched, or decaying brick with more durable tile for a completely new appearance. Paint the brick with a color that complements the rest of the room. Swap out tile for stone. Make some sort of change to your mantle and you’ll see the room in an entirely new light. Just make sure that the material you use can stand up to fire, if your fireplace is functional.

7. Add a rug.

Want to make your room look more complete? Give it some color or dimension? A rug is the perfect way. Not only can a rug help to hide flooring that you might not be in love with, it is also a great way to set the tone for a room. You can make a room look more traditional or modern, based entirely on what rug you choose to put on the ground. A cowhide rug, for example, is a great, stylish addition to any room that can give it some southwestern flair.

8. Rearrange the room.

When was the last time you took a good, hard look at how your room was arranged and thought about whether or not there is a way that it could be better arranged? While reinventing your living room, rearranging the furniture could take only a few minutes and it will give you an entirely different outlook on the room. You might see an opportunity for a piece of furniture you originally thought would never fit or a spot to hang that painting you’ve been wanting to put up in this room.

9. Clean out the clutter.

If you often feel overwhelmed, instead of welcomed, when you entire this room, it’s time to get rid of all of the extra “stuff” in this room. Whether you need to get a new bookcase to house all of it or you just need to throw or give it away, get it out of there. You might be surprised by how different your living room looks when it has been cleaned out!