Tips Mixing Patterns Home

Are you looking to redecorate your home or want to put your personal stamp on a new home? Picking out color patterns as well as new furniture and rugs can be very stressful, especially if you don’t feel confident in your decorating prowess.  Don’t feel like you have to stick to a neutral palette or make everything matching to be on the safe side. With these few tips, you can have fun mixing patterns and colors all throughout your home.

Go big or go home

Contrary to probably what most people think, less is not more when it comes to patterns. Interior decorators actually recommend that you choose three or more patterns not just one or two. Yes, this is in just one room. To keep it from being overpowering the key is to pick one pattern as your central focus and then have the other patterns at a smaller scale. Also, don’t be afraid to mix floral with plaid or with geometric shapes. Just make sure they have some of the same colors in them. It is also a good idea to have at least two of them to be a similar pattern like two florals or two plaids.

Be inspired

To help keep everything grounded in one room, you may want to have one piece or pattern as your inspiration piece. Then you can use the color and texture of that piece to help you decide what else to add to the room. For example, a cowhide rug can be a really fun and unique inspiration piece. Whether your style is contemporary or country, the colors and textures of a cowhide rug will complement any room. Don’t assume that cowhide only works in western themes. Cowhide also connotes luxury with its soft texture and fun with its unique patterns and color combinations. There is so much more to it than the picture of a simple black and white pattern that you have in your head right now.

Keep to the same color intensity

For the best effect, when picking out your different patterns make sure they are of the same color intensity, meaning in the same hue. Mixing pastels with primary colors is a big no-no. While modern aesthetics in style are breaking more and more rules, there are still certain golden rules that make sense to follow like this one. If there is not some connection between the patterns, you will have more clashing then blending going on.

Pay attention to texture

It is not just colors or patterns that make a room, but also the texture of the fabric as well as of the rugs and wall coverings. Texture also has connotation. For example, some materials are considered more luxurious like damask or cowhide. Depending on the feel you want a room to give off, you may want to only stick to more formal or more casual textures or you can have fun by mixing these up too. For example, a cowhide rug can add just a touch of luxury to a modern living room filled with glass and concrete.

Solids have their place too

Of course too many patterns will make your guests’ head burst so make sure you weave some solid colors in a long with the patterns. Pull some of the colors from your patterns and use them in the room as solid blocks of color as well. It will add a nice break to all the swirling patterns and it gives you a chance to add a pop of color around the room as well.

Keep the room balanced

Where you are going to place all these patterns is another big part of the equation. If you have all your patterns displayed all together in just one part of the room, everything might seem a little off kilter. Try to have the patterns spread throughout the room evenly instead. Once you know what patterns and solid colors you want to include, plan out how they are going to actually look in the space. Without proper planning, you won’t be able to display all pieces to the best effect.

Make sure your whites match

You might think all whites go easily together, but when combined with patterns, it will make the patterns stand out too much. Pick either bright white, cream or eggshell and stick to that in all your patterns. A cream or eggshell is an especially good choice for high traffic areas.

Personality can make a huge difference

Just like different textures can give off different feels, patterns have personalities as well and you’d be wise to take them into consideration when making your pairing. Larger, bolder patterns give a different energy to a room then smaller, more subtle patterns. If you want a room to be an oasis away from all the hustle and bustle, you probably don’t want to decorate with loud, big patterns.

Matchy Matchy is out

Forget about what your mother told you, there is such a thing about everything being too matchy. Diversity always adds more depth to everything doesn’t it? Don’t feel like you have to coordinate everything. Let the polka-dotted chair live in the same space as the flowered wallpaper. Just make sure there is something that unifies them together.

Don’t panic if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the elements you have to keep in mind. If you normally stick to a more neutral simple palette, then don’t go all hog wild with patterns all at once. It might be a shock to your system that you never recover from. Instead start with baby steps first. Maybe start by adding in a patterned rug or some pillows with bright patterns. Once you get comfortable with them, then you can build on the foundation. Rome wasn’t built in a day. As you play around with colors and patterns more and more, you will certainly become a pro. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a professional designer as well. With their advice, you will definitely feel more comfortable with your choices. The most important thing to remember is not to be afraid to try. Go ahead and mix those patterns!