6 Subtle Ways Cowhide Patchwork Rugs Can Transform a Space

Cowhide rugs, furniture and other products tend to draw mixed reactions from the crowd. While some people like the look and feel of it and the added note of luxury it tends to bring with it, others feel guilty because of the animal or animals who lost their lives in the making of that product. Then there are those who just don’t like the animal hide look in their home and feel like it only works in a country-western or rustic charm-themed home.

If you kind of find yourself in the middle of this continuum where you are interested in decorating with cowhide, but are afraid it might be too over empowering in a room, then a cowhide patchwork rug may make the perfect compromise. It allows you to play with cowhide in more subtle ways.

Here 6 subtle ways cowhide patchwork rugs can transform a space:

Blends in with any Design

Because it is basically just patches of cowhide worked into an intricate pattern, these rugs can work in any styled or themed room, from the kitchen to the kids’ bedrooms. You can choose from a simple patchwork pattern of alternating shades of cowhide or you can opt for one in which the patches create a design like diamonds or stars.

Cowhide can also be easily dyed bold colors like hot pink or a metallic silver or gold and you can get it stenciled to look like another animal print. You can even get a custom made cowhide patchwork rug, enabling you to dictate what it looks like so it fits your needs perfectly. If putting your own personal stamp on your home is important to you, then designing your own cowhide patchwork rug is a great option.

If you really love the coloring, texture and feel of cowhide, but want to downplay it because of how much of a bold statement natural cowhide makes, then, you can even find designs where it is not really noticeable that the material used is cowhide unless you touch it. You can even mix the cowhide with other materials as well. Also, these rugs are not in the natural shape of cowhide, so they don’t scream cowhide.

Works Great as a Tapestry

Besides being used as a floor covering, cowhide patchwork rugs can also be used as a tapestry hanging on the wall or even as a throw blanket across the couch. Cowhide always brings with it a warmth and richness that your family, friends and guests will appreciate.

Comes in More Sizes and Shapes

The natural shape of cowhide is very unique and so cowhide rugs don’t work as runners or will not always fit neatly under a table like a circular area rug might. You don’t have these issues though with a cowhide patchwork rug. They are sold in different styles including runners and circular area rugs.

Imagine how elegant your front staircase will look with a cowhide patchwork runner flowing down the steps. Or the nice touch a circular cowhide patchwork rug will bring to your kitchen. Your options are endless with cowhide patchwork rugs.

Dresses Up the Bathroom with Style

A circular cowhide patchwork rug can really add some pizzazz to your formal bathroom. Because it is a combination of different materials and is in a more convenient shape for most bathrooms which are generally not on the large size, it can bring some richness and warmth to the space without becoming a tripping hazard or without deteriorating from the dampness most bathrooms experience. Bathrooms are so much more than their utilitarian purpose today. Have fun decorating it by adding a little cowhide.

Brings an Understated Elegance to Your Kids’ Room

A naturally shaped cowhide rug is a bold statement, without a doubt. And for some that is what they love. It screams luxury and sophistication. You don’t always need that in every room though. Consider your kids’ bedrooms. If you are not going for a specific country western, a cowhide rug might seem a little overkill. However, a cowhide patchwork rug in similar shades and patterns of the rest of the room will blend in nicely, but still offer a touch of luxury to the room.

Adds a Note of Whimsy

Because there is more creative freedom with cowhide patchwork rugs, you can blend all sorts of materials, colors and patterns together to create a particular look. It allows you to bring a playfulness to the design of a cowhide rug that might not otherwise be possible. If you love turquoise, why not blend it with cowhide of shades of black and white for an elegant but playful look. If your child loves stars, why not layer her bedroom carpet with a star cowhide patchwork rug?

This doesn’t mean that cowhide is bad, however. They are a lot of benefits to choosing rugs and furniture made out of cowhide. For one thing, they are beautiful and natural. They come in all shapes and patterns and are soft and supple which gives an added richness. Each cowhide is unique so you can feel confident that you are getting an original when choosing a cowhide or cowhide patchwork rug.

Cowhide is also very durable and can withstand heavy traffic with ease. It is also easy to clean. Just vacuum up any dirt and use a clean, damp cloth to clean up any messes. Because cowhide is a natural material instead of a synthetic fiber, it is also better for allergy-sufferers. The highest quality cowhides are known to come from Brazil and Argentina.

And if it is really a moral dilemma that is keeping you from appreciating what cowhide can add to your home, then hopefully you can take comfort in the ethical practices of the cowhide industry. No cow is killed in order for you to enjoy a new rug or new couch. The cowhide used to make these products come from meat factories. The skins would be thrown out otherwise. At least this way, they don’t go to waste.

If you are intrigued by cowhide, but are still on the fence, give cowhide patchwork rugs a chance. You will be pleasantly surprised at how it can transform any space.