Flooring In Home

Okay, so you have finally decided it is time to redecorate the den or your master bedroom. There are so many different elements of the room you have to choose from furniture to paint colors to type of flooring. Unfortunately often times the flooring gets the least attention even though it probably has the biggest impact.

Whether you are going for wall to wall carpeting or wood or tile flooring with area rugs, what you choose can really add to the personality and comfort of the room. Did you know what you let your feet sink into when you enter your bedroom or the den can amp up the sexy quotient of the room?

Bring some sex appeal into your bedroom or living space with these flooring ideas:

Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs are not just for cowboys anymore. If all you are picturing right now is a simple black and white spotted pattern, you couldn’t be more wrong. With their rich and supple texture and unique coloring and patterns like brindle or speckled, a cowhide rug can bring some romance and luxury into any room. How much more romantic can it get then curling up on a soft cowhide rug in front of the fireplace? Glass of wine, anyone?

Plush Carpet

Just like with the cowhide rug, nothing puts you more in the mood for some romance than a plush carpet that makes your feet feel like they are wrapped in clouds as you walk across it. Also, if you like to snuggle together on the floor while watching a movie or reading, then the extra softness is a definite plus. Make sure to pick a carpet that offers you both comfort and beauty.

Cork flooring

If you have a lot of allergy sufferers at home then thick carpeting or rugs may put a damper on the mood instead of spicing things up. For the environmentally conscious, cork is a good choice because it is naturally made and is also antimicrobial and mold resistant. Even better, it is warm and soft and absorbs sound well. One word of caution with this material is that it tends to swell in standing water. The softness of the cork and the warmth of its natural coloring make this the perfect flooring for your bedroom.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors, while it might not seem as inviting as a plush carpet or rug, does bring a warmth and a touch of luxury to any room and they are easy to maintain and clean. This tends to be a more expensive option though so be cognizant of your budget when making your decision. If you go with engineered wood, you might pay a little less, but get a similar effect. Combined with the right area rug, the hardwood floors can really amp up the coziness factor. Pick a warm, dark color wood for even more wow effect.

Terra Cota Tiles

You are probably saying to yourself right now, why is cold, hard tile on this list? Well, terra cota tiles have a warm, rustic beauty to them that can have real appeal. If you are a partial to a more European flair to your home, then you will especially love this look. Make sure you buy from a quality distributer however. It is not always easy to tell the quality of the tiles and you will want it to last a long time.

Wide plank floors

Wide plank floors in black, gray and brown give off a warm, rustic feel that makes you want to curl up on a couch and stay awhile. This type of flooring is perfect for a cozy den or a bedroom. Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity.

High gloss gray wood

If your sexy is more sophisticated, then you might prefer a smoother, shiner look like high gloss gray wood. It is a sleek and modern look that is contradictory in some ways because it can also be warm and inviting at the same time. You will definitely be making a statement with this type of flooring.


If you are looking for more variety and creativity in your flooring choices, consider concrete. It can easily be painted, stamped or dyed into any design. With this relatively inexpensive flooring choice, you can transform the room into whatever stokes the fire in your soul. Who says soft and romantic is the only way to be sexy? Don’t be afraid to be you.

Recycled Material

Recycled materials like broken bottle pieces are also another creative flooring option. Depending on what materials you use, you can bring in a lot of colors and textures. Another plus is that Mother Earth will certainly approve of your choice.

High-tech floors

Sexy is many things to many people so if you are not the hearts and flowers type, you might love a sleeker looking sexy like metallic designed floors that change color or other specially designed flooring like faux marble. With today’s technology there are so many different types of options available that you don’t always need to stick to traditional materials. Don’t be afraid to put some fun into your design and create your own version of sexy.

Before you make your final decision, however, remember that practical issues like functionality and cost need to play a role as well. Ask around and see what types of flooring other people have and ask for some pros and cons. Consider how well the material will hold up against the daily traffic in the room and how hard it will be to clean and maintain. Then there is the cost. Don’t cause yourself undue stress by buying something you can’t really afford. Instead look for similar options that are cheaper, but will still give you the same affect that you want. Also, as much as you can, try to get out to showrooms so you can actually see what the different types of flooring will look like when installed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to take the time to consider all your options. It will be time well spent when you get to enjoy time in the room of your dreams.