Cowhides Not Just For Cowboys

Do you love the country western look, but not sure you can carry it off in your apartment in Boston or your Cape Cod summer home? Cowhide rugs are the perfect way to bring a little bit country into the home without going full fledge cowboy. Cowhide rugs come in all different colors and patterns which makes cowhide rugs more versatile than a lot of people realize. It doesn’t matter if your home is more contemporary style or a more traditional style, cowhide rug can complement any style. You don’t have to be a cowboy to appreciate a cowhide rug. Learn how to play with color and texture with these rugs.

Here are some reasons why cowhide rugs are not just for cowboys anymore:

Lots of colors and patterns

When you think of cowhide rugs, does your mind go automatically to black and white spots? If so, then you are underestimating the beauty of cows. Every cow is actually very unique and no one cowhide is the same even in the situation of twin cows. When you buy a cowhide rug, you can feel confident that no one else will have the same exactly same rug. Besides black and white, cows come in tricolor, speckles and brindle. You can also get brown and white and if you are really adventurous you can go for acid wash in silver or gold or get a rug dyed pink or blue.

Adds a touch of luxury

While the cowboy life tend to denote a life of hard work living off the land, cowhide rugs tend to give more of an air of luxury. The soft hair of the skin feels very plush and can give any room a feeling of warmth and luxury. Imagine a cowhide rug by the fireplace. Or imagine stepping out of the hot tub onto a rug. Tapestries also add a richness to a space and so can cowhide. Put your cowhide rug on the wall to really impress your guests. Cowhide rugs can also be used as throw blankets to snuggle up under on a snowy, winter’s night.

Whimsical and fun

Because of their unique color combinations and their soft texture, cowhide rugs can also be added as a whimsical element to any room. A dyed pink cowhide rug would be perfect for a little girl’s princess room or you could add a soft brindle rug to your minimalist bedroom to bring some softness and warmth to an otherwise simple room. A brindle cowhide is tawny with streaks of other colors. It has a more exotic look than some of the other patterns you find in cowhide and can really spice up your place.

If you are a connoisseur of all animal prints, then don’t be afraid to mix cowhide with other animal hides. Cowhide rugs can also come in acid wash silver and acid wash gold and you can get it with animal prints stenciled on it. Have fun with it. Besides cowhide rugs, you can also get cowhide lamps and cowhide placemats that can add a bit of fun to your living room or kitchen.

Who says cowhide isn’t hip?

Even city hipsters will appreciate what a black and white cowhide rug can do for a more contemporary space dressed in monochrome. It will perfectly complement the simple lines and black and white color while are the same time adding some texture and elegance to the room. Even a room decorated in metal and glass can be softened with a cowhide rug. Whether you put the cowhide rug on the floor or on your walls, your guests will love the richness it adds to the room.

Who says brown is boring?

Like cowhide rugs in general, the color brown gets a bad rap. There are so many different shades for brown from cappuccino to cream that it is really a cool color and a brown cowhide rug can really add some depth and charm to any space.  If you love a neutral palette, you can really play with the shades of brown, white and black in the cowhide to make your room shine. In a room dressed in browns, blacks and greys, this rug can really complement the other accents in the room. Think about adding a brown cowhide rug to a room that only contains a few pieces of furniture to make the space more warm and inviting.

Complements everything

Cowhide truly goes with everything. For instance, speckled cowhide which has a spotted pattern of either brown and white, black and white, or brown black and white even works well with other patterns either on your walls or your furniture. Be bold. Modern sensibilities no longer require everything in a room to be of the same color scheme.

Keep in mind that even if you prefer a more subtle approach, just a touch of cowhide can really accentuate a room. Think cowhide lamps or a cowhide chair or just a cowhide rug casually draped over your couch.

The bottom line is that cowhide rugs are not just for cowboys anymore. To appreciate a little cowhide, you don’t have to commit to a full western look. With all the options available to you, you have the freedom to be creative.

Now that you are sold on the versatility of cowhide, you need to decide between an authentic cowhide rug or a faux one. Authentic cowhide is very unique because each cow is born with its own special pattern. No one will ever have the same pattern as you. With faux rugs they are mass produced and don’t have the same unique features. While real cowhide rugs tend to be more expensive, it is worth it when you consider the beautiful craftsmanship that will last you a lifetime. This piece will be a focal point for your home for years to come and because it is so durable and easy to maintain, you will be able to pass it down to other family members. Check out the beauty of cowhide rugs for yourself.