Ideas For New Space

Your family is growing or you just need more space for entertaining or for working at home, whatever the reason, sometimes buying a bigger house isn’t in the cards so you need to look for ways to expand the home you are already in. There are a lot of options to do this that range from big budget renovations to smaller, subtle changes. If you have the land to build on, then building an addition to your home is the most obvious way to add extra space. Where you add on will depend on not only where you need the extra space, but also where it structurally makes sense. For this project, you will definitely need an experienced architect to do the renovations. You will want to choose someone who is knowledgeable about zoning regulations and any restrictions there may be to the changes you want to make. Common additions are to the kitchen and family room to make them bigger or to create a completely new room to be used as a family room or an extra bedroom or home office. Take some time to study your house to see where it makes sense to build the addition, on top, the side of the house or in the back. Will it be a natural extension of the home or will it be its own separate building? There are a lot of decisions to make so it is important to hire the right people to build the addition for you. Here are 5 ideas for the new space:

Adding a family room

As your family grows or you find you are entertaining more, you might find yourself wishing for a large family room to make all hanging out together more comfortable. One popular option to add a family room is to add it to the back of your house that extends into your yard. You can even build sliding doors and lots of window to extend the new addition into your outdoor seating area which makes it perfect for entertaining. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use the same building materials for your addition as the original structure. For instance, if you have a brick house, you could use stones or logs to create a more country feel for the addition and then inside you could add a fireplace and decorate the space like a lodge or ranch home with lots of wood and leather for a cozy feel. A cowhide rug in front of fireplace would also make a great place to relax on a cold winter’s night.

Adding a conservatory

If you are into planting and gardening and have always wished for more protected space for all your flowers and vegetables, then consider adding a conservatory to your home. Typically made of glass or plastic which allows the light in while protecting plant life from the elements, the conservatory can be added to the back or side of the house depending on where you have the space. You should also take into consideration how the light hits the different parts of the house during the day as you make your choice.

Adding a second floor

If you live in a city where homes are too crowded in together to expand outward, it may be time to think upwards instead. By raising the roof, you can create a second floor addition for an extra bedroom or two or even a home office. If you only have two bedrooms in your original structure, but your family is expanding or maybe your parents have to move in, then why not create a master bedroom for you and your spouse on a new second floor? It can become a luxurious master suite perfect for hiding away from all the chaos downstairs. Decorate with luxurious materials like damask curtains, a soft cowhide rug and a warm patchwork comforter to give you that pampered feeling in your own home. If you own a ranch home, then a second floor addition also makes a lot of sense. Make sure you hire an experienced architect to help you design where the new stairs will go and how each room will be laid out.

Create an outdoor pavilion

If you live in more dry, warmer climates, then you might enjoy being outdoors more than in and love outside living spaces. If that is true, then an addition of a pavilion might be just what you are looking for. With this option you will have lots more freedom in designing it because it won’t be attached to the house. You can use different materials and design unique gardens and ponds around it. For outdoor seating, there are the traditional patio table and chairs or you can actually create an outdoor living room with a couch and comfy chairs. If you don’t get a lot of rain, you can even add an area rug like a cowhide rug to soften the space a little. A cowhide rug can even be used as a throw blanket for when the nights get colder. When buying furniture, lighting and decorations for your outdoor living space, look for versions that are fade-, mold- and mildew resistant for best results. There are even premade gazebos that you can purchase that can be more economical. They come in different shapes, colors and styles and can easily be transformed into an outdoor living room or dining room.

Repurposing space

Sometimes adding onto your home is not in the cards budget wise or structurally-wise, but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to always feeling crowded in your own home. With a little bit of ingenuity you can expand your home by repurposing the space already in it. For example the corner of your little used dining room can become your home office or you can comfortably have overnight guests by adding a futon to the living room or family room. If you have a garage that you never pull your car into and is just filled with junk, then clear it out and consider its potential as an extra bedroom or a game room for the kids. By using durable porcelain floor tiles and lightweight movable furniture you can transform the space in no time. By following on these 5 ways to expand the space in your home, you will be feeling like you have a new, larger home in no time!