Maximize Small Spaces

Not everyone can live in a sprawling estate. In fact, it is more common for people, especially young singles, to be living in a shoebox where they can barely stretch their arms. While affordable, these living conditions don’t leave much room-literally-for self-expression. Here are some tips for making the most of your pint-sized penthouse.

Rezone your home

If you are living in a studio-style apartment, you are might be missing your walls. Walls divide space into neat and orderly boxes. And although am open floorplan might seem like it would make your place feel bigger, often people find themselves feeling lost in the jumble. Create separate spaces in the apartment for your different daily activities. You can give the illusion of rooms simply by utilizing your furniture.

Get some shelves

When you are short on floor space, walls become gold. Adding bookshelves to your walls will give you storage as well as the opportunity to display your personal style. Books don’t have to be the only things that go on shelves after all! Pictures, vases, collectible figurines, whatever you are into! Show off who you are.

Shine some light everywhere

Light makes room feel bigger and brighter. Use this to your advantage. Make sure that your curtains or blinds don’t cut out the natural light. Instead of a wooden table, consider glass instead. Light will reflect off of it and the clarity will give the illusion of more space. Tuck mirrors in strategic locations to use this trick to its fullest effect. Keep away from dark colors in general. These detract from the light and make the room feel more closed-in.

Find places to multitask

Although you might want to keep your life separated into different rooms, sometimes they have to overlap. If you have only one extra room and need both a guest bedroom and an office, make it both. Beds don’t always have to look like beds after all. In addition to a desk, look into a futon or Murphey bed that can be pulled out when necessary. That way you will have the space you need to work and a place for your friend to crash!

Take over the walls

If your goal is more for personalization than trying to make your home feel as large as possible, an easy solution is wallpaper. Wallpaper lets you put your own touch on your home. There are thousands of different patterns out there, so you can pick the one that screams you. If you want style and function, try going for a vertical striped pattern. They will make the walls seem taller.

Keep it clean

Everything needs to have a purpose. While it isn’t true that you should limit yourself to small furnishings when living in a small place, you do need to use good judgement. A mass of smaller furniture can make the room feel crowded. Larger pieces can give your place a feeling of being larger than life. You don’t have to fill every inch.

Organize everything

Keep your home clean as well. It doesn’t take much for mess to pile up when you have a small home. Everything needs to have a place and it needs to stay where it belongs. You will quickly feel suffocated if there are bills everywhere and clothes strewn across your bedroom floor.

Find your focus

Although you don’t want your entire place to be saturated with excessive patterns or bold colors, you can pick one wall to accent the rest of the room. Visitors will zoom in on that one space and as a result the room will seem larger. If painting isn’t your thing, consider an attention-grabbing wall decoration to achieve a similar effect.

Go green

Plants are great multitaskers. Some plants actively clean and purify the air in your home. Don’t forget about aloe, which can be used to treat burns. You could even consider starting your own small herb garden. But don’t bother wasting your floor space on a giant potted plant, however. Look for hanging pots or keep them on your shelves.

Think outside the home

Got a balcony or a porch? Maybe just a small patio? Take advantage of them! If you are feeling claustrophobic in your home, give yourself an escape. Something as simple as a chair or lounger. You can sit out there and relax, feeling the sunlight and fresh air.

Above all, when trying to make the most of small spaces, be creative. If you aren’t using it, find a way to store it. There are so many options these days for different furniture that doubles as storage space or other multifunctional décor. You have the ability to be as creative and unique as you want. Tables can have hidden compartments for storing extra pillows or board games.

Small spaces don’t have to be boring. Any space has limitless potential. You just need a little brainpower and ideally some paint. Whether your current home is temporary or long term, it is important that you are comfortable. Take advantage of lights and bright colors to add dimension. Make one wall an accent to draw attention. Add plants to liven up the air. Use vertical space to create the illusion of height. Find a way to use everything in more than one way. No matter what you do, make sure you love it. Your house should be your home, your center. An extension of yourself. Let your imagination run wild!