How to Make a Room Pop with Cowhide

Do you often worry when you decorate that you are missing that one special element that brings everything together? Consider how elements of cowhide can really make any room in your home pop.

Why Cowhide?

Cowhide rugs are a classic, timeless element that can be used as a focal point in a room filled with neutral colors or it can be a complementary element in a room filled with colors and patterns.

What really makes cowhide rugs timeless is that they bring a touch of luxury to any room. The soft thick cowhide feels wonderful against your skin and the richness of the texture and color brings elegance into the room. Imagine a reading chair and a cowhide rug tucked into the corner of your master bedroom or one laid out in front of the fire in the living room. You will feel like your home belongs on the cover of a magazine.

Very Versatile

Cowhide can really work with any style. You are probably seeing it pop up as much in contemporary, modern homes as you do it more country styled spaces. A cowhide rug can soften a room filled with metal and glass and can add a little whimsy to a black and white kitchen. Use it as a wall tapestry or as a throw blanket.

Cowhide rugs come in different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. They come in black, white, brown and white, tri-color, brown-white and black, brindle and patchwork. For the adventurous, cowhide rugs can even be dyed a bright color like pink or one that is acid metallic washed. Imagine how cool your daughter’s bedroom will look with a bright pink dyed cowhide rug.

The options are endless. Besides cowhide rugs, you can also get cowhide furniture and kitchen placemats and even bathroom rugs. There is no room in the house that couldn’t use a little touch of cowhide.

Very Luxurious

Because of the soft and thick hide, cowhide rugs also bring a note of luxury to a room. Imagine sinking your feet into the soft hairs as you curl up on the rug in front of a fire. Cowhide rugs can also act as a tapestry for your walls or as a throw blanket over your couch. You will feel like you are in a five star hotel when you decorate with cowhide.

A Smart Choice

What makes buying a cowhide rug such a smart choice is that it is very durable and easy to maintain so it can last for a long time. To clean them, all you have to do is wipe up spills with a dry cloth or clean up dirt with the vacuum. An authentic cowhide rug holds up well against the constant flow of kids and pets throughout the house. Cowhide rugs also make great family heirlooms to pass down to your children.

Another great thing about cowhide rugs is that because each cow has a unique hide that means no one else will have the exact same rug you have. Even twin cows have a slightly different pattern. If you love to be unique, then a cowhide rug can really help you put a personal stamp on the room.

Drape as a Tapestry

Besides being used as a floor covering, cowhide patchwork rugs can also be used as a tapestry hanging on the wall or even as a throw blanket across the couch. Cowhide always brings with it a warmth and richness that your family, friends and guests will appreciate. A cowhide rug hanging in your dining room would definitely make the room pop and add a level of sophistication.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that cowhide comes in so much more than just rugs giving you so many other ways to add cowhide to a room to make it pop. Here are some other fun ways to cowhide:

Here are some fun ways to use cowhide:

Cowhide Furniture

Instead of decorating the floors or walls with cowhide, why not make your furniture the main focal point of the room? You can easily bring some cowhide into your home with a cowhide couch or chair. One elegant cowhide chair can really stand out in a room. Who wouldn’t want to curl up with a good book in one of those? Just make sure you mix and match cowhide furniture subtly with other pieces so you don’t make the room feel too busy with so many patterns and colors swirling around.

Cowhide Pillows

If you are just looking for a cool accent piece, then cowhide pillows might be the ticket. Whether they are for the living room or den couches or your bed, these pillows are fun to look at, but because of their soft supple skin and fur, they are also very inviting. Go ahead you know you want to lay your head down on one. These are a great way to add a touch of country without overwhelming a space with it.

Cowhide Lamps

Lighting is important in any room and the light fixtures you choose really adds to the ambience of the space. Try cowhide lamps in your living room or den for a unique look. You will love reading by its light late into the night. They can even bring some charm into the bedroom as bedside lamps. Who knew lamps could be so much fun?

Cowhide Placemats

The kitchen might seem like an odd place for cowhide, but cowhide placemats can be a fun addition to any meal. If even you have a more modern kitchen, these placemats will only stand out in a good way. You can also use them in the dining room when you have guests over for a meal. They will appreciate the luxurious note the placemats bring to the table.

Cowhide can seem like a bold move, but you won’t be sorry when you choose it. With its texture, color and patterns, it brings so much visual interest to any space. Want to learn more about how cowhide can transform your home? Call Cowhide Outlet today.