Build a Sheshed

Let’s face it. Sometimes you need some time to yourself away from the kids and your husband who are all demanding something from you 24/7. Why is it that men can carve out their own domain or “man cave,” but we are left hiding out in the bathroom? And if we are being honest, they usually find us there too.

She-sheds” are becoming very popular as more and more women are seeking a space to call their own where they can to control the remote and maybe read a book and drink some wine in peace. While this concept may seem revolutionary, it actually comes from a time in ancient history where women would have a sacred place just for themselves where they are free to relax and just be.

Whether you already have a shed or some type of outbuilding you can convert or you build one from scratch, it’s time to build your own “she-shed”. You deserve it, right?

Here are some tips for building your very own “she-shed”:

Decide on the nuts and bolts first

While the fun is decorating the space and making it your own, you have some nuts and bolts decisions to make first. You need to first figure out what materials you will use. Some women prefer buying a prefab shed like you can get from your local home improvement store or order online, while others prefer to convert a garage or a garden shed. Make sure you weigh cost, time and the sturdiness of the building when making your decision. You will also need to factor in the cost of adding electricity, heat and plumbing to the space.

Make sure you have good lighting

“She-sheds” don’t have to be palatial by any means. A little snug space will do as long as you have proper lighting. Designers recommend that you have big windows or a skylight to let the outdoors shine in. This way you won’t feel all cramped inside a tiny space.

Make every inch count

Because space is at a premium, you need to design with purpose. Create little stations around the shed for all the things you want to do there. For example, set up a reading chair and lamp in one corner and maybe across the room set up your art easel for when inspiration strikes. Take the time to figure out what you really want to use the room for before you start designing.

Style it as you would any other room

Since it is basically a shed and separated from the main house, you might be tempted to just throw a mismatch of things together figuring you are the only one who will see it. But don’t you deserve better? This is your little haven so take time to design it like you would any other room. Think paint colors and style furniture, art on the walls etc. Pick an overarching them for the whole space. Rustic? Vintage 1920’s? Be creative and have fun. In this room, you don’t have to make any compromises. It is all you. Think about how much more you will enjoy the space. And you will be proud to invite your friends over to share it with you.

You never go wrong with twinkle lights

Have you ever noticed how simple strands of twinkle lights can make a space feel more festive? Inside or outside, this soft lighting will boost your spirits and help you relax more. Trust me, you will never want to leave.

Don’t forget comfortable seating

You’ve created this space so you have a place to hang out in so it is important to not forget comfortable seating. If your shed is really small, you might not be able to fit a full-sized couch, but you can include a comfy reading chair or two or maybe a bench with a soft cushion. Even floor pillows could work for extra seating in a pinch when you have friends over.

Splurge on at least one luxurious detail

The “she-shed” is all about treating yourself so don’t skimp on any detail. Whether it is a velvet couch or a soft cowhide rug, you will appreciate the added richness it brings to the space. And the great thing about a cowhide rug is that it is very versatile. Not only can you use it on the floor, but you can decorate the walls with it or use it as a throw blanket. Think about how good it will feel to sink into its soft, suppleness. Cowhide rugs are also very durable and easy to maintain. They can handle any type of traffic and to clean them, all you need to do is simply vacuum the rug on a daily basis. If you spill something then just clean it up with a dry or damp rag. Just make sure you wipe in the direction of the hairs.

Create a garden or a patio too

Communing with nature is always a surefire way to revitalize yourself so pay as much attention to the outside of the shed as you do the inside. When deciding on the location of the shed, consider setting it up inside or right next to your garden so you can appreciate all your flowers while hiding away too. If you have windows, you can also add window boxes full of flowers too. Maybe set up a small table and chairs right outside your shed for you to enjoy the sunlight. A little patio or a white picket fence can make the entrance to your shed that more inviting. With a little ingenuity you can transform a simple shed into a quaint little cottage all your own.

Don’t forget that lock

Finally, probably the most important feature of your new space should be a lock and key to keep husbands and children away. This is your personal haven so make sure that you won’t have any unexpected guests who will bring their sticky fingers and never-ending demands with them.

Go ahead and treat yourself to your very own “she-shed”. The stress of everyday life won’t feel so bad when you have a perfect oasis to re-charge in.