9 Unique Western Style Home Interior Examples

Western Style Home

Are you a real life cowboy or cowgirl or think you were one in a former life? Then, of course, you will want your home to have all the natural western accoutrements as well, right?

Don’t worry. We are here to help. Check out these 9 real world unique Western Style home interior examples you must see.

1. Rustic Guest Bedroom

This is a great design idea from RMT Architects for your guest bedroom. Family and friends who stay with you will love the rustic furniture and décor, making the room feel like a cabin in the woods. The rough texture of all that wood and the bunkbeds will make your guests feel like they are working the ranch. They will also love snuggle up under those colorful western blankets. Even if you live on the East Coast, you will feel like you are down on the ranch.

2. A Country Kitchen

This Envision Web rustic kitchen idea is very doable wherever you live. This rustic kitchen has floor to ceiling gleaming wood with touches of other natural materials like stone and leather. Notice how the glass-front cabinets and stainless steel appliances complement the natural elements in the kitchen instead of clashing with them. Other neat touches include the lantern-like lightening and the giant wooden utensils hanging on the wall.

3. Southwestern Staircase

It might surprise you to find out that this Southwestern Staircase built by DSA Architects is actually located in Boston, Massachusetts. Native American blankets adorning the staircase are the only source of color on the distressed wooden staircase. The simple wooden landing, white walls and strategically displayed steer skull all add to the simple, country western feel.

4. Farmhouse Kitchen

Prefer a more farmhouse look? Then you might enjoy this Farmhouse Kitchen. From the large classic I-shaped dark wood floor to the farmhouse sink and beaded inset cabinets, this kitchen screams country. And as you would expect in a country western style home, there is large oven and cooktop and plenty of space for family and friends to hang out and eat. There is in room for a home office.

5. Rustic Family Room

What could be cozier than this this rustic family room design? It is definitely not for the faint of heart though. A room busy with different colors and patterns is not for everyone, but this combination blends in seamlessly creating a warm, comfortable atmosphere. The stone wall and wood patio doors add to the rustic feel. Imagine curling up with the family to enjoy a movie together.

6. Man Cave Old Saloon Style

If you have always wanted to be in an old western movie, then you will want this Man Cave designed like an old saloon by Dream Home Environments. From the old saloon signage to the swinging saloon doors, you will feel like you have stepped back in time. Adding the comfy leather chairs, a cushy couch and a pool table makes your Man Cave a cool place to hang out.

7. Hayloft Bedroom

This master bedroom with a large master bath by Timberline Associates LLC has a rustic hayloft feel to it with its detailed wood accented ceiling. A unique touch that you usually don’t find in a master bedroom is the bunk bed over a queen bed. Notice also the beautiful wood trim on the doorways and around the room. And color is subtlety brought in with the brightly patterned bedspread and blankets.

8. Victorian Guest Bedroom

The Victorian period of the old west was filled with rich drapery and dark furniture like this Victorian guest bedroom remodel in Austin. The dark stained wood and antique secretary give the room an old world romantic feel. The silver and gold drapery also adds to the richness of the room. Aren’t you inspired to sit down at this desk to write old-fashioned letters instead of hitting send on your phone?

9. Western Homestead Ranch Living Room

This Western Homestead Ranch Living Room is ranch living at its finest. From the chandelier that was made from wagon wheels found on the property to the moss rock fireplace, there so many special western touches in this living room. The tall windows also provide a picturesque view of the lake in front of the house. The fireplace and the reclaimed wood trusses also add to the ranch aesthetic.

Cowhide is also an essential element of a western style home. From the cowhide rug to cowhide furniture, there are so many fun ways to bring this rich and sophisticated element into your western style home. Cowhide rugs can even be used as throw blankets and as wall tapestries. And with all the unique color combinations and patterns available, it will be easy to find the right one for your vision for the room. You can even add cowhide accent pillows to complete the look. For more information about cowhide for sale and wester style home interior design, give us a call or send us a message today.


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