rodeo in your home

You love western movies and the rodeo and just the feel of the country western style so why not turn your home into a celebration of all things western? Whether you just want to dedicate one room to the theme or the whole house, there are some easy tips for bringing the rodeo into your home.

Choose a natural color palette

The rodeo is always set in the great outdoors so you will want to bring in the color of nature into your decorating scheme. If you don’t already have colors in mind, spend some time perusing pictures of rodeos and saloons or gather decorating tips from other ranch-styled homes. Sometimes you just have to wait until inspiration hits. Remember that natural colors are not just brown, black and white, but also an array of other colors like the orange and yellow in a wild flower, the dark green of the forest or the bright blue of the sky. Pull color inspiration also from western clothing and jewelry like the combination of turquoise and silver. If you have a cowhide rug that has been passed down in your family that you want to use as an inspiration piece then use the colors of the rug as the base of your color palette.

Natural woods are your friend

One thing you will always notice in a western-inspired space is all the wood…from rough planks to gleaming chestnut..wood structures, flooring and furniture is as natural as you can get. Besides forgoing wall to wall carpet and installing wood floors throughout most of your house, consider adding wood to your ceiling as well. A plank vaulted ceiling or a ceiling with wooden beams all the way across will definitely add to the ambience of the room. The great thing about wood is it is easy to take care of and when treated right will last you a long time. To warm up the wood floors a bit more, consider colorful area rugs like colorful woven rugs made by Native American cultures or soft, luxurious cowhide rugs. Cowhide rugs come in a lot of different colors so they work well with a lot different color palettes and they help contribute to the rodeo feel of the room. Each cowhide has an unique pattern so they work well with a lot of different color palettes and styles.

Bring the rodeo inside

While you certainly can’t bring all the animals inside, you can bring in many of the important elements of the rodeo to decorate with. Posters and art of past rodeos can hang on your walls as well as horns and antlers and lassos. You can even hang a cowhide rug on the wall as a tapestry for extra color and warmth. If you want a bar in your family room for entertaining, then give it a saloon type feel with vintage mirrors and gleaming wood. Find vintage beer mugs and shot glasses to line your bar as well. If you are a real rodeo lover then consider making an old saddle a centerpiece of your design and don’t forget those horse blankets. Cowboy buckles are also a lot of fun to display on a wall or in a frame. If you don’t already have a stockpile of rodeo and western collectibles that you can decorate with, then before you start decorating spend some time at auctions, antique stores and any nearby country western stores to start growing your collection. Take your time and wait for pieces that inspire you, but that also won’t break the bank.

Choose comfy, but practical furniture

Out on the ranch, life is hard so you need to keep things simple. While you want your furniture to be comfortable it also should be practical and not overly embellished. Think leather couches and a rocking chair. Mission style furnishings would go well here as well. Everything should be easy to care for, but comfortable too. Look for vintage pieces like cracked leather ottomans or stools and wooden benches. For a truly authentic feel, you can even commission hand-carved log furniture for any of your rooms. Or better yet put your own carving skills to work. There is nothing better than relaxing in a chair that you made yourself.

It is the little details that count

It can be very easy to get overwhelmed with all the big decisions when decorating your room and to lose sight of all the little details. Sometimes it is those little details that can make a difference. Little things like a cast iron tea pot or bottle opener in the kitchen or boot spurs hanging in the foyer can also give the vibe you are going for. Think cowhide placemats and bandanas for napkins with a pinecone display on the table. Use wooden crates for magazine boxes and add wooden shutters to your windows. Try to incorporate all the common materials used in the old west in some way like cotton, lace, leather, cowhide, clay and cast iron. Other fun little details include using rope to spell out your name and hanging it on the wall with a cowboy hat or including flowers and plants like sunflowers and cacti throughout your home to bring color and texture. Hang a rodeo-themed wreath on the front door and use a cowboy boot filled with sunflowers as a centerpiece for the dining room table. Candles with unique cast iron holders are also a great addition.

Add the personal touch with DIY projects

Western living is all about working with the land and carving what you need out of the earth both for sustenance for clothing and furniture so take a page out of your ancestor’s diary and do some creating of your own. Whether it is a small project like a wreath or a ceramic vase or larger scale project like bookshelves or dining room table, you will love getting your hands dirty and the thrill of putting your own personal stamp on your home. These are just a few tips for bringing the rodeo into your home. Don’t rush into a project like this. Take the time for research to know what you and to find the perfect pieces at the right price for your budget.