10 Reasons to Choose Real Cowhide over Fake Cowhide

In the cowhide community, there is a lot of debate over whether or not real cowhide is actually better than faux cowhide. When it comes to cowhide placemats, rugs, chairs, sofas, and more, those who have products of the real cowhide variety know that real cowhide is superior in durability, appearance, and feel. While there are some manufacturers of faux cowhide that can come close to the look and feel of real cowhides, there is no substitute for real cow skin and fur. Here are the top ten reasons to pick real cowhide over fake:

1. Real is just better.

Anyone with any interest in fashion will tell you that real leather is a hundred times better than fake leather. Why? Simply because it is real. Real cowhide has the same air of luxury as real leather, and for the same reason: it is real. It has been carefully chosen and crafted into a product, instead of simply being woven and made by a machine somewhere. This inherent superiority is just one of the reasons that real cowhide is better than fake cowhide.

2. Real cowhide is less likely to cause allergies.

You might think that the opposite is true: that real cowhide would be more likely to trigger people with allergies. The truth is, however, that fake cowhide is made out of plastic and plastic-like materials. People are far more likely to have an allergic reaction to the plastics in fake cowhide than they are to the real fur and skin in real cowhide.

3. Real cowhide has fewer nasty chemicals.

In order to make fake cowhide, manufacturers have to use a lot of plastic and chemicals. For products like cowhide placemats, this makes real far superior to fake. Instead of putting your plates on something that contains chemicals that you would never want to ingest, you can use a natural product that is not treated with caustic or dangerous chemicals.

4. Real cowhide is just as durable as fake cowhide.

One of the biggest benefits that proponents of fake cowhide cite is the durability of fake cowhide. In reality, real cowhide is just as durable as its fake counterpart. As long as the cowhide is treated properly, real cowhides, in whatever application they are used, can live just as long and work just as well as any fake version. If cowhide was not durable, it would not be used in as many product as it has both traditionally been used to make. From rugs to pillows to chairs, real cowhide has the ability to last just as long and look just as great as fake.

5. Real cowhide is easier to clean.

While it's true that you don't want to track mud across your real cowhide rug every day of the week, real cowhide is easier to clean because the fur on the hide is similar to our own hair. All it takes is a spot cleaning with a little bit of soap and water in order to keep the rug clean. Fake hides, on the other hand, will hold on to stains longer, simply because they are made of materials that are more difficult to clean.

6. Real cowhides are competitively priced.

It is true that fake cowhides are going to be less expensive than real cowhides, but that does not necessarily make them better. There is a lot more work that goes into acquiring and using a cowhide to make a product than goes into creating something with a fake cowhide. Time and effort has been spent selecting the cowhide and crafting it into that product, and that time and effort is reflected in the price. Fake cowhides are cheaper because they are cheaply made.

7. Only real cowhides are truly unique.

Two cows, even if they are twins, will never have the exact same coloring or patterning. This means that even if you buy two cowhide placemats from the same supplier, those placemats will never be exactly the same. Because fake cowhide is artificially manufactured, manufacturers will use the same pattern and colors over and over to create the same products over and over. That means you never get something that is truly unique. Instead, you get something that anyone else in the world can also get.

8. Real time goes into making real cowhide products.

Whether you are looking for a rug, for cowhide placemats, or for a chair, you know when you buy something made of real cowhide that you are getting something made by a real craftsman. There is very little on the market today that real time and effort has gone into making. Real cowhide products are the exception.

9. Fake cowhides can't match the look and feel of real ones.

While they might imitate the look and feel of a real cowhide, products made from fake cowhide will never be as soft or as luxurious as products made from real cowhides. If you want something that has a real, enduring softness to it, you will want something made of real cowhide.

10. Variation is part of cowhide culture.

Some might consider the uniformity of fake cowhide to be one of the benefits of buying a fake product. Those who know cowhide, however, know that the differences in size, shape, color, and pattern are what make cowhide special and are what make it worthwhile. Why bother having something cowhide-patterned when you could have a real piece of cowhide?