Why Are Brazilian Cowhides Better?


We often get questions about why we use Brazilian cowhides, instead of cowhides sourced from other countries. There are lots of reasons why we have chosen to use Brazilian cowhides for our products, but they all boil down to essentially this one truth: Brazilian cowhides are just better. As experts on cowhides and cowhide products, there is simply no better way to say it than to simply just say that Brazilian cowhides are higher quality, are produced with more care, and are more versatile than any other cowhides that we can source. Here are some of the reasons Brazilian cowhides are better:

More Variety

In some countries, they attempt to product cowhides that are completely homogeneous. This means that they want all of their cowhides to look exactly the same. One of the biggest reasons to choose cowhides over other materials is because of the uniqueness that using real calf skin affords the product, whether it is a rug, a wall hanging, a couch, pillow, etc. The variety of colors and patterns that Brazilian cowhide afford us as a retailer for premium cowhide products means that no two of our customers ever buys exactly the same thing. Instead, each customer gets something that is totally unique.

While the same might be possible when it comes to buying cowhides from other countries, the truth is that once you find producers that can provide you with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns of cowhide, all that are extremely high quality and are produced with the utmost care, you don’t want to venture off and try to find other producers from other countries. In short, Brazilian cowhides come in a wider variety, which make them rarer and more unusual, which makes them, in turn, more desirable.

Higher Quality

Finding the right cowhide for our products was all about finding the best quality for the money. This is what Brazilian cowhides provide—a higher quality that makes these hides much easier to work with. What makes a quality cowhide? When the hide is not just beautiful on the surface, but also has integrity, so that it can be easily manipulated into one of the many cowhide products that we sell, that is when we know it is a quality cowhide. On top of simply being beautiful and providing the variety of colors and patterns that cowhide shoppers want, the quality makes it possible to provide more products at affordable prices.

Better Production

A large part of what makes Brazilian cowhides better is how they are produced. Unlike in much of North America, where the cows that eventually are used to make cowhide are also intended for producing food and are therefore raised in the same cramped quarters and are often not given the proper nutrition, the raising, caring for, and production of cowhides in Brazil is much better and creates that quality that we value in our cowhides. Instead of having to pay for hundreds of cowhides that we know we will never be able to sell, we pay for a large number of cowhides that we know have been produced using the best methods, and are therefore more likely to be able to be sold.

More Options

Less than one percent of all cowhide retailers sell Brazilian cowhides, simple because they colors and patterns are less mainstream than the average buyer is used to. When the average person thinks of a cowhide, they think of a very American, Holstein pattern. While that may be what some buyers are looking for, once they actually see Brazilian cowhides, they fall in love.

Why? Because Brazilian cowhides offer a much higher number of choices. The black and white speckle that most people think of will only stylistically work in a small number of rooms. The browns, whites, blacks, brindles, spots, and more that are available from Brazilian cows offers buyer a huge variety of options. For those that want a unique or original cowhide for a room, buying Brazilian cowhides is almost always a better option, especially if a more traditional cowhide just won’t work for that room.

More Durable

One of the biggest benefits of Brazilian cowhides is that they are just more durable than cowhides produced in other countries. The cows themselves are stronger and therefore better able to stand up to tanning and processing. Lots of cowhides in other countries are ruined by the tanning process, but the durability of the Brazilian strain is unmatched.

This also makes a rug or other product that is, ultimately, more durable for use in your home. When it comes to cowhide furniture and rugs, you only want to buy cowhides that are going to last you for decades, not cowhides that are going to lose their hair and be quickly worn down so that they are hardly functional or beautiful anymore.

More Functional

Many people do not think that a cowhide will match their home’s décor or style. The truth is, however, that when you buy Brazilian cowhides, you get a much broader number of colors and patterns to choose from, which makes cowhide products far more functional for the regular person. Cowhides are no longer just for those trying to recreate a very Western style in their homes (though they are still perfect for that purpose). Instead, you can easily incorporate one of these high quality products into just about any room, whether it be traditional, modern, eclectic, and beyond.


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