Calf Hide Rug

When searching for cowhide rugs, you might discover that you often have the choice between a cowhide and a calf hide rug. What makes one better than other? What, if any, are the differences between a calf hide rug and a cowhide rug? Why should you choose one over another? If you’re looking at a supplier that sells both and you want to know which one to purchase, here is everything you need to know about the differences between cowhide and calf hide rugs:

Calf Hide Rugs

A calf hide rug is made from the hide of a calf, rather than from a fully grown cow. This means that the rugs made from these skins are going to be significantly smaller than the rugs made from fully grown cows. They also often have a finer texture, so while they might be smaller, they are often just as expensive, because they are more difficult to make and often feel softer to the touch.

Cowhide Rugs

A cowhide rug, on the other hand, is made from a fully grown cow. These are going to be fairly large, with a soft texture, though sometimes not as soft as what you can find in a calf hide rug. Cowhide rugs come in a huge variety of different colors and sizes, depending on what specific breed of cow the rugs are made from.

The Similarities

Both calf hide and cowhide are taken from the same species, which means that you will get essentially the same colors and patterns on both of these types of rugs. They also are going to have essentially the same texture and suppleness, because it is essentially how they are tanned and treated that determines how soft the backing is going to be. Calf skin is often that material of choice for handbags and cloves, because it is often processed to have a much more supple texture, but in general both can be soft, durable, and flexible, especially if they are processed by a manufacturer that really cares about the end product.

They are essentially the same material, which is why many people are confused when they see both calf hide and cowhide rugs available for sale. Someone who is looking for a small rug might prefer calf hide, since those rugs are naturally going to be smaller, while others might want a larger rug and then would choose cowhide. If the size of the rug is the only determining factor, some buyers will want cowhides and some will want calf hides.

The Differences

While it is impossible to say which is better, as each as its own set of positive aspects and negative aspects, most people determine that calf hide has a slightly finer texture than cowhides do. This is because the animal that the hide is taken from is younger and their hair is naturally softer and thinner. Many people will immediately notice a difference in how the hides feel when they run their hand across the surface. While most people talk about the difference in the quality of the leather itself, the real difference is in the quality of the fur on the surface of the rug. And while many people might prefer the feel of the fur on the calf skin rug, these rugs are also much more expensive than your average cowhide rug, so there is a monetary trade off there.

The fur might be finer, but this does not necessarily indicate a higher quality rug. Cowhide rugs are often more durable because of the thickness of the hide and the age of the cow that the hide comes from. They usually have the ability to withstand a little bit more punishment and will not shed hair as quickly as a calf hide rug will. When deciding which is better for your home, this is something to take into consideration. If you are buying a rug for an area that gets a lot of traffic, a calf hide rug will probably start to show wear and tear and requires significantly more maintenance than a cowhide rug might in that same spot. However, if you are picking a rug to go in an area of the room that does not get a lot of foot traffic, a calf hide rug might be the perfect solution.

In reality, the biggest tangible difference between these two products is size. Cowhides are bigger, because the animals they come from are bigger. A calf is just a young cow, and because young cows are smaller than fully grown cows, they produce smaller hides.

Because it is more difficult to obtain a calf hide than a cowhide, calf hide rugs are also more expensive than cowhides. They are often considered to be the more luxurious version of a cowhide, which is already a high-end material.

When it comes to choosing between calf hide and cowhide rugs, it is important to consider all of the differences, including price, in order to determine which one is going to be the best for you and your home. Durability is one of the biggest factors, but size, color, and shape will be the deciding factors. A calf hide rug is going to be lighter weight than a cowhide, for example, and therefore might be a better option for a room that might not take well to being weight down by a large, dark cowhide.