Whether you’ve made your home in the Wild West or you just like the aesthetic, there are plenty of reasons to want to turn your home into a cowboy ranch. But getting the look just right can be difficult, especially if you do not know what accents and furniture will really complete the look. The cowboy vibe is a uniquely American one, and if you are a fan of Western lore, you know that it represents freedom, fun, and excitement. A few simple decorations can help you achieve the look you desire.

cowboy ranch interior design


What furniture you choose is ultimately going to dictate the style of your home. If you want everything to be very cowboy or western themed, you are going to want to choose furniture that evokes that style, as these are going to likely be the focal points of any room they are in. Even if the focal point is elsewhere, a sofa or large chair is still going to draw the eye. If these pieces do not mesh with the rest of the room’s décor, it is going to make the room look stilted and unfocused.

When choosing furniture to make your home look like a western-style cowboy ranch, leather is always a great option. A large leather couch and chair set can fill a large room, provide plenty of seating, and help you achieve your aesthetic. If you are looking for something a little bit quieter or smaller, look for light and medium wood furniture. Leather cushions or seating are still going to help you achieve that cowboy ranch style, but there are also a range of natural fabrics or Western-style weaves that could also help you get the style you want.

As you start considering pieces of furniture that you want to include in your home, carefully think about whether or not they help you get the look you want for your home.


Rugs are going to be one of the more important aspects of your rooms. While they might not be as large or as imposing as the furniture, they definitely do make a statement. They are, essentially, the foundation of the room. Cowhide rugs will usually be the best way to lay a foundation that helps support the cowboy ranch style. One of the great things about cowhide rugs is that they come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles, so you can always find one that will match the color palette you have chosen for your home.

Besides cowhide rugs, there are lots of other types of rugs that might work in your rooms. In many traditional ranches, the floors were hardwood or tile, which could be very cold, especially in the winter. Many homes would use rugs in every single room to prevent having to walk around on the cold floors. Rugs with Native American patterns or traditional native weaving styles could be a great alternative to cowhide rugs, though if you truly want your home to look like it is straight out of a Western town, there is probably no better accent than a cowhide rug.


Pillows are going to be another important accent for your rooms, especially if you choose something a little more generic for the furniture of that room. A cowhide pillow, for example, is a good way to add Western accent to an otherwise normal couch or sitting chair. Like rugs, cowhide is not your only option. Any kind of natural weave, especially those with traditionally Native American patterns can also add that Western flair that you are looking for.

You can never have too many pillows, and you can put them just about anywhere to make sure that your room is hitting all of the right notes. You can line them up on a window seat, put them on your bed, accent a couch or chair with them, and you can even get large pillows that can be used to add extra seating on the floor of any room. They are so multifunctional that it would not make sense to not have lots of pillows in your home.


There are two types of flooring that are traditionally found in cowboy-style ranch homes. These are hardwood and terracotta tile. Both of these are great options for your home, if you are willing to switch out your flooring. If you already have another type of flooring and you do not want to replace it in order to achieve your vision, you do have a couple of options. Rugs, as mentioned above, are the first and best option, especially if you can find a large rug that will fill a room and cover up most of the flooring in the area. Having the right type of flooring might seem like a small detail, but it is a detail that will ultimately make or break your design.

Paint Color

Paint color is another relatively small detail, but one that could either make your room feel very cohesive, or one that could make it feel very disjointed. In most Western-style homes, you will probably see very light and neutral colors on the walls. It is rare to see bright paint colors, even with just an accent wall. Instead, the bright colors are reserved for the pillows and accents of the room.

If you want to turn your home into a cowboy style ranch, following these tips will ensure that you achieve the aesthetic you desire!