chic apartment decoratingThere’s something different about living in the city. Your apartment might be smaller than a single-family home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of this space and make it as beautiful as possible. If you are interested in city chic apartment decorating, here are seven tips that can help you utilize the smaller space and still create modern, attractive rooms:

1. Don’t avoid curves.

When most people think of “city” and “chic,” they think of very straight, hard lines. And while blunt edges have been the style for several years now, we are starting to trend towards more stylized, curved pieces of furniture and, more importantly, rugs. Especially for small spaces, picking something with a lot of visual interest on its own, that needs little adornment, is a good idea. Look for couches with curved backs or chairs with a little bit of attitude. A great way to inject some curving lines into your room is with a cowhide rug. These rugs have naturally curving edges and can draw the eye away from the walls and the ceiling and towards the floor, elongating the entire room and making it feel larger. Many apartments start to feel like a box, especially if you fill them with box-like furniture. Instead, choose curved pieces and rugs to fill your rooms.

2. Choose a light-colored rug.

Having light colors on the floor is a good way to make small space feel a little bit larger. Many apartment complexes understand this and will choose light-colored flooring, in the form of carpet or hardwood floors, in order to make a space that might feel cramped look less institutional and larger. However, if your apartment has dark flooring, you might consider picking a light-colored rug to offset the darkness and add some light to your room. A rug can also be a good way to cover up stains that might have occurred before you moved in (or after you moved in). If your rooms are dark, whether because you have little natural light or because of dark flooring or wall colors, you can offset the darkness with a light rug. While a rug cannot actually bring more light into the room, it will help to brighten up a room with the light it does get.

3. Swap out your blinds for curtains.

Nothing will make your apartment look more institutional and less chic than blinds. While there are some stylish types of blinds, most blinds are easily dirtied and broken. Even if you are not allowed to take down your blinds, you can cover them up with curtains. Not only will this provide you with more privacy, you can actually make small winder appear larger and short walls appear taller if you know how to hang your curtains properly. For example, if you want to make a wall appear taller, hang your curtains not at the top of the window, but a few feet above. This will make your walls look much taller, especially if they hang all of the way to the floor. The length of the curtains will draw the eye upwards and then downwards again, making a cramped space feel far less cramped.

4. Layer up your bed.

If you have a small studio apartment, your bed might be part of your seating area. Even if you do have a separate bedroom, you might still want to make your bed look stylish and chic. One of the best ways to do this is with layers. Layering linens and different textures on your bed is a great way to give it visual interest. If you choose light colors, you will also give your bedroom an airy atmosphere. Your bed is one of the biggest pieces of furniture in your home, and it can seem imposing in a small space. By using lightly colored fabrics and linens and layering them, you will give it a very free, effervescent appearance that will make it seem much less dominant in the small space.

5. Choose smaller pieces.

The key to making an apartment look chic is to avoid buying piece of furniture that are going to dominate and overwhelm the space. A smaller space calls for smaller furniture. If you try to stuff a huge piece of furniture into a small space, you are just going to end up making it look extremely crowded, and you are not going to be comfortable in that room. A smaller couch, with smaller pillows is a much better way to make a small space look moderately sized. It’s all about scale.

6. Make the clear choice.

If you really want to make your space feel modern and less cramped, opt for glass tables and desks. When you can see through the piece of furniture, it will feel like it is taking up far less space. It will still be perfectly functional, but because it does not block the eye, the space actually looks larger. Smaller rooms will look more open, but you will still have the furniture you need.

7. Opt for a murphy bed.

You can have a large bed, and still be able to use a small space for other activities when you buy a murphy bed. Your murphy bed will fold back into the wall, leaving the floor clear for other activities. While you might have to push the rest of the furniture off to the side during the night, during the day, your bedroom can double as an office, a workout space, or even a sitting room.