6 Ways to Bring the Fun to the Playroom As a parent, you want your children to have a safe, but fun space of their own to let their imaginations go wild and to learn and grow. Creating that space in your home can be challenging though if you don’t have a separate room to dedicate as a playroom. If that is your reality, then you need to get creative by incorporating a playroom in another room in the house. Whether you have a separate room for the playroom or it is incorporated into the living room or family, room, you want it to be a fun space for your kids. Here are 6 ways to bring the fun to the playroom:

Play Around with Colors

Most kids’ room use primary colors like you typically see in pre-school and elementary school classrooms. Instead of following the herd, try different combinations of colors and don’t be afraid to use colors considered more mature like indigo or a soft gray. And remember it is not just the walls where you can play with color. The furniture and any toy chests or organizers are also a good way to bring in different shades and tones to the room. Besides different shades of wood, you can pick pieces that are painted a color that complements the rest of the room. Photos and artwork can also add to the color palette. Use clipboards to hang your kids’ constantly evolving cache of artwork. Why not let your little Picasso’s use their own work to brighten up the space.

Carve Out Special Nooks

Even in spaces where the playroom also does double duty as the family room where the adults hang out too, you should carve out special nooks for different activities for the kids. In one area you can have a bookcase with bean bags and a soft rug or small chairs for a reading center and then in another area set up a smooth table surface for creating masterpieces with paints and Play-doh. Storage is also key. Have cabinets or shelving to hold books, games and movies and whatever your kids may need in their space. To save space, get an ottoman that has storage space inside. This is the perfect spot to stash away games and movies.

Choose Comfortable but Practical Flooring

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right flooring for the playroom. A cement floor is hard and unforgiving so is not the best choice, but wooden floor with a soft area rug or a plush carpet will give you and your kids something soft to sink into. Don’t discount a cowhide rug for the playroom. With all the different patterns and colors available, it can be a charming addition. You can even get one dyed and stenciled for some extra pizazz. And because they are very durable and easy to clean, they can also withstand all the foot traffic and spills that are bound to happen in the playroom.

Keep Everything at Kid Height

To allow your kids to be as independent as possible, choose kid-size furniture and put as many things at their level as possible. Think about how great it would be to curl up with a book for an hour while your little one entertained herself by painting or drawing. Your kids will love having an area that was built just for them.

Keeping Things Cool for Your Teens

Teenagers could use a playroom too, although you’d better not call it that. You just need to update it for their older, more mature sensibilities. Find out what colors or styles they like and update the walls and furniture. Instead of kid artwork allow them to hang their favorite posters. If you have the space and the money, outfit the room with a mini fridge, big entertainment center, comfy couches and even a pool table to make it a central hangout for your teen and his or her friends. You will love that they are hanging out with friends at home where you can keep an eye on everybody.

Don’t Forget About Safety

In order for your children to truly have fun and for you to be relaxed and having fun with them in this space, the playroom needs to have safety elements in place. All televisions and large pieces of furniture need to be safely secured to the wall so there is no danger of anything falling on your child if he or she tries to climb it or pull it down. All sockets should be covered also so little fingers don’t find them. Also be cognizant of any loose cords lying around or rugs that can trip an unsteady toddler up. Corded blinds is another safety hazard to be aware of. Replace any of these with the cordless variety or simply go with curtains instead. Even if you have older children, make sure you thoughtfully look around and make sure there is nothing that can cause them harm. Keep all chemicals and other potentially dangerous items out of their space and choose furniture with no sharp edges. Whether you have a whole room dedicated to it or just a section of a communal living pace, having a separate playroom for your kids is important. The best way to keep the bedroom for primarily sleeping is to not keep all of your child’s toys in their bedroom. By having a separate play area you are showing clearly that there is a time for a play and a time for rest. This could help make nap time and bed time run a little smoother. Ultimately you want the space to be comfortable and fun while always keeping safety in mind. It should be a space where you can easily join in the fun too. Don’t rush into anything. Take your time to thoughtfully create the perfect space for your family’s needs using these 6 ways to bring fun to the playroom. To learn more about how a cowhide rug can add fun to the playroom, call Cowhide Outlet today.