Monochrome Cowhide

Would you describe yourself as being less adventurous when it comes to color and texture in your home? Do you prefer a monochrome look of black and white or shades of grey or brown? If you don’t feel real confident in making interior design choices, it can be a little scary to play around with color and it may seem safer to stick to more neutral colors. Luckily though, you don’t have to just go big or go home. There are some subtle ways to liven up a neutral décor.

Check out these 4 ways cowhide can spice up a monochrome look?

Softens a Modern Space

If your style has always been a sleek, modern look of monochrome and glass, you can easily soften the look a bit with a cowhide rug placed discreetly underneath the glass coffee table. Black & white cowhide rugs or even furniture, can bring some texture and warmth that is often lost with the modern aesthetic. A loft apartment filled with metal and glass can easily be softened with a touch of cowhide whether on the floor or in the furniture. The richness of the cowhide will draw your guests’ eyes in, making an interesting focal point for the room.

Cowhide rugs can also do double duty as wall coverings and as throw rugs. Cowhide is rich in texture and is very soft to the touch so it brings a touch of luxury to any. For a more subtle look stick to a black and white or all white rug, but if you want to play around with color go with a brindle or spotted cowhide rug. This way you are adding some extra colors and patterns without it being an overkill.

Perks up a Drab Kitchen

If your kitchen is nothing to write home about and is either all white or neutral monochrome colors, then it definitely could use some perking up. A soft tricolor cowhide rug underneath the kitchen table or by the sliding glass door can definitely add some texture and color to the space. Cowhide can also come in placemats which would be a fun, quirky addition to any kitchen.

Adds Texture to Plain Walls

If wallpaper is just not your thing, but your white walls are closing in around you, then consider decorating your walls with cowhide. Cowhide rugs are often used as wall tapestries and can bring a lot of color and texture as well as warmth to bare walls.

Adds a Subtle Pop of Color

If you are really gun shy about color, but know your living room needs a little something extra, then use a cowhide rug to add that little pop of color. A brindle or tri-color rug can bring in some different shades of black, white and brown that will bring some interesting contrast to the space without going with a really bold color like orange or purple.

For example, a soft black and white cowhide rug can give a luxurious feel to an otherwise stark room while a tawny brindle cowhide can offer some fun contrast to gray walls and black furniture. If you want something a little on the funky side, you can include acid wash or dyed cowhide rugs.

Basically, cowhide can complement any style because it is very versatile and comes in different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. Most commonly natural cowhide rugs come in black, white, brown and white, tri-color, brown-white and black, and brindle. If you are more adventurous, you can even get cowhide rugs dyed a bright color like pink or one that is acid metallic washed. They even come in patchwork.

In addition, cowhide rugs are very durable and last a long time so they are often passed down has family heirlooms which would be an added plus. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and have some fun with your decorating.

Another thing that makes cowhide rugs so great is that they can be used in just about any room in the house from the living room to the bedroom and work on top of a carpet or on a hardwood or tile floor.

Cowhide rugs can be a big investment so it is important to make sure you get a quality one that will last for generations to come. Here are some tips for ensuring that you pick a quality cowhide rug:

Know where the cowhide is coming from

Experts agree that the highest quality cowhide rugs come from Brazil, Argentina, Columbia and France so make sure you know where yours is coming from. Top manufacturers will use special chrome salts and oils in the tanning process for the highest quality and softest hides. Also look for companies that are against animal cruelty and who only use skins from cows who were raised for their meat and milk. It is important to look into the background of the company you are considering purchasing from.

Test the quality of the cowhide

There are different ways you can test the quality of the cowhide. You can do the bunch test where you bunched the rug up and then let it fall out. High quality rugs will fall out naturally without any wrinkles. You can also do a smell test to see if it smells like genuine leather. Don’t worry you will be immediately able to tell the difference. You should also look at the coat. If it appears shiny and health then you probably have a good quality hide.

Because you are most likely going to order your cowhide rug online, it is important to go with a company that has a good return policy. That way you can do these quality tests once you receive your cowhide rug and be reassured that you can always return the rug if it doesn’t pass the tests to your satisfaction.

Taking care of your cowhide rug is very easy too. You simply just need to vacuum it on a regular basis. If you by accident spill something on the rug, simple use a dry cloth to wipe it up. Make sure you wipe in the same direction of the hairs. For harder spills, you can use a damp cloth with a mild detergent. A well-taken care of cowhide rug can last a lifetime and can easily be passed down through the generations.

For more information about cowhide rugs and how they can spice up a monochrome look, contact Cowhide Outlet today.