Tailgating Party Upgrade

Football is one of those sports that bring people together. If you love tailgating at games, then you know how the perfect blend of good comradery and good food and drink can make football season your favorite time of the year. If you are looking to upgrade your game this year and add a little pizazz, don’t worry there little additions you can make that won’t break the bank.

Here are three tips for upgrading your next tailgating party:

It’s All in the Planning

Before we get into the nitty gritty of what you should bring and what food and drink you should offer, the most important tip is to plan, plan, plan. By taking a few minutes to jot down a list and schedule of all that needs to be done, you will ensure that you have all your supplies, decorations and food. Avoid having to rough it when you forget key comforts from home like the bottle opener or plates and cups. For example, taking the time to remember to pack empty bins for dirty dishes or trash can really make you feel like you are running a more sophisticated operation. Also make sure you have enough coolers and ice to keep all the drinks chilled and ready to go. It really is all in the details.

And it is not just want your bringing that you should plan out. Also scout out the area where you will be tailgating. Take note of how far away the rest rooms are and other important logistics. This way if there are any logistically issues you can problem solve before the day of the tailgate.

Elevate Your Tailgate Menu

Are you getting tired of burgers, hot dogs and chicken wings, the typical fare at tailgating parties? It really isn’t that hard to elevate your menu to impress your guests. Offering grilled oysters can really add some swag to your event and they are not hard to do and they only take about five minutes to grill. If you have electrical outlets for a crock pot, you can also spice things up with chili or warm cheesy bean dip served in tortilla chips. Kebabs, vegetable or beef, can also be fun additions as well. Menu options are endless so go ahead and create a menu you will be proud of. And don’t forget something sweet for dessert. Brownies or cookies baked earlier at home is always a treat.

Beer and soda are usually the popular beverage choices for tailgating, but think about offering mixed drinks and wine too to add a little sophistication to the party. Our guests who are not beer drinkers will thank you for it. Even if you have a lot of beer drinkers, try to offer some variety in your beer offerings. Don’t just get a whole bunch of light beer. Mix in some craft microbrews that you know your friends and family enjoy. With an expanded beverage options, it is important to remember the cups. Glass at a tailgate party is too risky, but there are some nice quality plastic cups and plastic wine glasses that can do the trick.

If you have the extra money to splurge, go full out and make it a catered event with a full dinner menu and a bartender to serve drinks. Your guests will appreciate the extra pampering.

Bring in the Comforts of Home

Tailgating is usually a down and dirty business. You are out in a parking lot eating and drinking by your car or truck. In its stripped down form it doesn’t require much. A cooler of chilled beers and some sandwiches and snacks could certainly suffice, but when you are looking to upgrade the experience then you will want to add more comforts from home.

A compact grill is a must if you want to serve warm dishes to your guests. If also have access to electrical outlets then you can also bring a long a crockpot and other kitchen equipment for fancier food options. A tent and extra tables and chairs are a great idea if you are expecting a lot guests. This setup will give your party more privacy and adds a touch of elegance to the affair. With all this extra space, you can also add flowers, candles and other decorations if you want. White linen tablecloths can make any plain old metal table look first class and just because paper products are the most practical for outdoor events doesn’t mean you can’t get beautifully decorated ones or take it one step further and buy especially monogrammed cups and napkins. You can be a football fan and a sophisticate at the same time, right?

There are also other creature comforts from home you can bring with you to upgrade your tailgating party. If you love the look and feel of cowhide and have cowhide rugs at home, why not pack them to come with you too? Cowhide is soft to the touch and gives off a feeling of luxury and indulgence that your guests will love. While laying cowhide rugs on the ground might lead to too much damage to the rug, they also can double as throw blankets. Think how wonderful it will feel to snuggle up underneath a soft cowhide rug.

If you have cowhide kitchen mats, bring them along too. Their quirkiness will add another layer of fun to the day’s festivities. Want to go with a whole cowhide theme? You can even get cowhide bottle and can cozies. Keep your beer cold in style with different patterned cowhide cozies.

The great thing about cowhide is that it is very durable and comes in so many different colors, shapes and sizes so there are so many unique ways that cowhide can elevate your next tailgating party. No one cow is alike so think how great it will be to know that no one will ever have the same tailgating aesthetic as you.

Want to learn more tailgating tips or more ways cowhide can enhance your home, contact Cowhide Outlet today.