10 Ways to Transform My Home Entry Way

The foyer or home entry way is the gateway into your home, the first chance to make an impression on any guests, but often times we don’t pay as much attention to this space because we are always moving so quickly through it. Whether your home entry way is small or large, its impact should never be underestimated.

If your foyer has become a catchall for all the clutter from your family’s busy schedule, it is time to reclaim the space and transform it into something you can be proud of again.

Here are 10 ways to transform my home entry way:

Personalize It

Family photos and drawings can take even the tiniest of entry ways up a notch. From the moment, a guest steps into your home, they will get a true sense of who and what is important to you. You can even use shadow boxes to group memorabilia together and display them in unique ways. Your son a big baseball fan? Create a shadow box of all his baseball collectibles like newspaper clippings and game tickets. By personalizing the entry way, you are inviting people not just into your house, but into your family.

Marry Utilitarianism with Charm

Your foyer or entry way of course has a functional purpose. This is where you keep your coats, hats, shoes, keys, schoolbags and sports bags and any other paraphernalia you might need as you are running out the door in the morning. Keeping all this organized is of the utmost importance, but why not do so with some charm?

Add an antique trunk for extra storage or pick a hook system for coats that fits the theme for the rest of the house whether it is rustic, country charm or a more modern theme. Don’t be afraid to borrow some inspiration from friends. Pay attention when you are visiting, you might see something that might work well in your home too, with your own personal slant, of course.

Add Seating to Encourage Lingering

If you have a decently sized entry way, then why not make it an additional space to entertain in instead of just being a walk-through space? Add a wooden bench or a set of rocking chairs and a little table, if the room allows, to invite conversation and hanging out.

If your taste runs more modern, than choose more art deco chairs in bright colors or go with a black and white patterned motif.

Be Bold and Daring

The home entry way is the perfect space to experiment in. If you generally prefer a more muted color scheme, but have been wanting to try something bold and daring, then a small space like this is perfect. Experimenting with color and texture in larger spaces can be costly and harder to change if you end up not liking it. With a small space like the foyer, it is not as big of a deal if your redecorating doesn’t turn out quite like you had hoped it would.

Play with Natural Light

You want your home entry way to be bright and welcoming as people come in so try to use the natural light in the space to its best advantage. Besides any windows you may have, a mirror can also help you take advantage of the natural lighting. A mirror can also make a small space feel bigger.

Choose a Statement Piece

If you don’t want the foyer to get cluttered with too many pieces, then choose a statement piece that can draw the eye and bring all the other elements together. It could be a cowhide rug hung on the wall as a tapestry or a painting that has special meaning. Just make sure it is something that will stand out in a good way. If you want the foyer to connect better to the rest of the house, then pick a piece that is from the same theme of the other rooms. For example, if you have cowhide rugs in your living room and dining room than also adding one to the foyer can connect all three rooms together.

Welcome in Nature

Nature lovers can make the foyer a natural extension of the outdoors by adding lots of plants and flowers into the entryway and choosing woodsier décor like acorns and sticks, wreaths and wildlife prints and statues.

If you are lucky enough to have a Florida room or a wraparound porch or an enclosed patio attached to your house then you can also bring the outdoors in by connecting these outdoor spaces to the foyer.

Have Fun with Texture

While you are experimenting, why not have some fun with texture? Choose marble, stone or roughly hewed wood for the floors and go with textured paint or patterned wallpaper for the walls. Want to add more richness and texture, layer a cowhide rug on the floor of the foyer. Cowhide rugs are known for their soft and supple texture and they bring an interesting dynamic to any space. They are also durable and easy to clean so a perfect choice for a high traffic area like the foyer.

Go Ahead and Mix and Match

Luckily for you, the design police will not come and arrest you for mixing different themes and styles. So go ahead and add that Chinese bench into the foyer with a Venetian mirror. No one is going to care as long as they tie into together in some may. Mixing and matching can really transform a space. You just need to make sure nothing clashes or sticks out like a sore thumb.

Add Mood Lighting

What lighting fixtures you add to the entry way can really enhance the mood of the space. If you have a large, grand foyer, then a sparkling chandelier would add to the elegance of the space. On the other hand, if you prefer a more intimate feel to the space, you could choose antique lanterns or table lamps to illuminate the room.

Have fun and get creative and you will love how your new home entry way will look!