Cheap Bedroom Makeover

If you are ready to change up your bedroom, you don’t have to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on a renovation, new linens, and new furniture. There are plenty of small, inexpensive changes that you can make that will drastically change your bedroom and its appearance. Here are some of the best ways to do a cheap bedroom makeover:

1. Get a new bedframe.

There are plenty of very expensive bed frames on the market, but there are also plenty of inexpensive bed frames on the market. Your bed is the largest piece of furniture in your room, making it the focal point of any bedroom. Changing the frame can completely change the appearance and tone of the room. For example, if you have been using a cheap wooden frame, swapping it out for a metal frame with unique details can give your room a more put together, harmonious look. Swap out your old bed frame a brand new one and you’ll have a brand new bedroom!

2. Buy a rug.

A rug, that you put under or at the foot of your bed, is a great way to give your bedroom an entirely new look. For example, one of our great cowhide rugs (like this one) can turn what was once a very ordinary room, into a finished, luxurious one. What you put on the floor of your room might not seem that important, but it is the foundation of any room and what sets the tone for that room.

3. Hang new curtains.

If you haven’t changed your curtains in a while (or you don’t have curtains at all), now is the time to hang some new ones. Curtains on your bedroom windows provide you with privacy (whether you need it or not) and they also give your walls some color and visual interest. When used correctly, they can even be used to make a large room feel more intimate or short walls look longer. Pick a color that complements your bedding or choose something that pops against the color of your walls.

4. Paint the walls.

Even if you change nothing else about the room, changing the color of the walls in your room can completely transform the entire appearance of that room. The wall color dictates how all the other colors in your room look. Darker walls can add drama to a space, while lighter walls can make a small space appear bigger. Pull everything out of the room, paint the walls, and then try rearranging your room to give it an entirely new look.

5. Get new bedding.

If you only have time or budget to make one change to the room during your cheap bedroom makeover, change the bedding. Again, your bed is the largest piece of furniture in the room, which means the color and the style of the linens on that bed are going to completely dictate the tone of that room. You can transform a room that is full of drama and high style into something sleek and modern in a matter of minutes, just by changing your duvet cover and throw pillows.

6. Add more accents.

You might be dissatisfied with how your bedroom looks because it is actually just not decorated. We’ve all been in those sad rooms that have absolutely nothing on their shelves or walls. In order for a room to have personality, it needs to have accents. That means throw pillows on your bed, a few special trinkets for the shelves, and some art for the walls. What you choose to fill these areas will tell the story of your room. You might not have to spend anything to totally makeover your bedroom if you steal art and accents from other rooms in your home.

7. Buy a headboard.

If you are content with your bedframe, you might still want to consider a new headboard. Nothing looks more boring than a bed with no headboard. If you spend a lot of time sitting up in bed, either working or watching television or reading, you might want to opt for something padded that is comfortable to lean again.

8. Get better lighting.

While you might spend most of your time in your bedroom asleep, your bedroom can look drab and boring if it has improper lighting. You can makeover the entire room just by changing out the light fixtures and the tone of the lightbulbs you use to light the room. This is a very inexpensive way change the entire look of your room.

9. Add a throw blanket.

You can easily make plain bedding look more expensive and more intentional by adding a throw blanket to the end of your bed. Especially if you often find yourself cold at night and needing more covers, toss a blanket on the end of your bed to make your room look a little more put together. If that is not enough of a change for you, try adding a throw blanket and some pillows to match, as well as some accents on the other furniture in your room.

10. Get rid of the clutter.

Most bedrooms suffer from an overflow of clutter, whether it is discarded clothes on the floor, books on the side table, or knickknacks on the shelves. If your bedroom is stressing you out, it might be because you simply have too much stuff in there. You can easily change the entire appearance of your bedroom just by clearing out the stuff and leaving just the basics behind.